Game Freezes Frequently

looks like most people just don’t get it so i’ll say it once again.

the issue here is the RTSS overlay, which bugs out and freezes the game (or the opposite, the game bugs out when the overlay is active and freezes itself, idk but in the end it doesn’t matter).

its clearly and only the rtss overlay causing this freezing issue. disable your rtss overlay for wow and it will work flawlessly. it has for me since i did it and an hour ago i enabled it again to see if maybe the new patch from yesterday fixed it but it still froze within like half an hour.

since i disabled it once again, it stopped freezing. please blizzard, fix this issue so the rtss overlay works flawlessly once again like it did for all those years before this bug happened a few days ago. i literally can’t enjoy the game without my rtss overlay, i’m even thinking about unsubbing and waiting until this is fixed (i can always test it out for free with chars below lvl 20 to see if the issue is fixed ofc :P)


Have the same problem on Rtx2060 i5 9400f graphic is up to date and dont have any problem just freeze and i can hear sounds but cant do anything and should close the game and launch it again please fix it

actually today i froze like 5 times 3 of them inside rated bgs…and this never happens ,i came here and found this post whats happening?

I don’t even have the afterburner thing on at all. I’ve had this since the start of the patch.
I tend to get it in any of the new areas, and when it’s large groups. So I am pretty much unable to do dungeons or raids, and have to just pray I get a good hit in on a rare before the swarm hits it and i’m frozen for 5-10 seconds at a time. Long enough to git hit by special moves.

Which is weird, because I can play Warframe, and other more intense games on might higher settings with much more intense effects with little to no issue.

Finally this thread is here !
Poland reporting the same issue, updating my Nvidia drives now, turned off MSI afterburner, hopefully will fix this.
Will update the afterburner as well, maybe that will fix this.

Any specific locations where it happens?

i’m in the same boat, even format c and reinstalling game is not working.

actually he start crashing seraching grps or in torghast o in the new raid (sometimes).

any blue post?

Same problem here, but i got freezes everywhere ^^"
edit: I got that problem from yesterday, before everything was ok

also, i notice sometimes flickering before all the pc/game completly freeze for 10 sec.

last nvidia driver was clean installed yesterday after couple of days of this problem (got 2080ti)

I am having the same issue, sudden freezes, only alt f4 to sort it out. Playing only tbc classic on pc fully updated and very high spec machined. Started just a few days ago. My friend is running same game on a MAC and still getting the same problems. This is not a Riva tuner or MSI problem, I am running both my friend is not running any of them. This is a blizzard problem not and addon, hardware or driver issue. Blizzard needs to sort this out and soon. Retail is already dead and soon classic servers will be too if people cant play uninterupted.

well, retail isn dead (on some servers per region at least which are still full to overfilled with people) but its clearly dying. this though due to different reasons not related to this freezing problem.

you might be right though that this freezing issue isn’t fully related to the RTSS overlay. after i disabled it in WoW for the past few days and after yesterdays server maintenance i thought i’ll try it again and enabled it.

now, as weird as it is, instead of freezing the game the RTSS overlay just vanishes, as in crashes sometime within the first 5-20 minutes. the game continues running like nothing happened. really weird and i can’t explain why it first crashed the game visually for a few days (sound still worked so the game still ran in the background but was frozen on my screen) and now instead of crashing the game, its crashing itself without affecting the game.

something is definitely not right here and u suspect a bug in the client thats causing this or some configuration on their servers. i hope blizzard will finally fix this issue because its annoying and i would really love to play the game with the RTSS overlay enabled as i always want my gpu/cpu temps, load and framerate shown on screen. its an important part to gaming for me in WoW and every other game i play and i got used to it so much that i seriously miss my RTSS overlay in WoW :frowning:

/edit: oh no that was a bit too early. it still crashes the game or lets say, the game still freezes, identical than before with the rtss overlay enabled. with it disabled it doesn’t crash and works flawlessly so something is wrong here with the rtss overlay. who’s at fault ? i don’t know, considering that rtss is known to create issues in many games, including crashing them, i would rather say its rtss as its crappy coded by some idiot. still might be the game too as some people have this without the rtss overlay enabled

I have the same issue, the game just freezes without warning and I need to ALT F4. I’ll try disabling Afterburner.

Disabling Afterburner seemed to work. The problem is affecting both Classic and Retail for me.

Problem still persists. Can confirm.

same here.

Hello Erveryone.

This freezing for me is due to RTSS Overlay.
It worked fine, but since 9.1 I have some game crash after 5/15 minutes playing.

No issue with DX11, but with DX12 the problem still here (RTSS and Nvidia Drivers up to date).

It’s a change from WoW (since 9.1) who make this issue (no problem on all of other games I play) and RTSS dev confirm that it’s a WoW side issue.

Please Blizz, fix that. I can upload my gx.log file to fix this issue if needed

I am not using RTSS, because my VGA controler is EVGA, but I have the same issue and still can’t find a solution. Repaired game, updated all drivers, deleted all addons and the game continue to freeze. I found this happens mostly in some dungeons, Tourghast and arena. Very annoying and the most annoying is that there is no blue post nor fix

still not fixed? brizzard really

For anyone affected, please have a look through the WoW Lockups and Crashes troubleshooting steps..

I’m closing this thread now due to repeated necro-ing.