Game "hangs" or "freezes" during LevelUp/Boss Death

Since the recent patch, the game will hang/freeze for about 2 seconds when someone else levels up in the party or a boss is killed in a dungeon.

maybe it is a CPU issue? idk but it is happening without addons. some script at a boss death or level up is triggering the “freeze” :confused:

Same problem here, and I’ve noticed my CPU usage is very high.
I’ve a 4 core (7th gen).

Same here really annoying every single time I level up… Can also hang on leaving a dungeon.

supposedly this is a problem with the default party frames and the new UI code. when the party frames react to changes in the environment, they get confused and do not display/hide properly.

even installing new party frames from an addon or disabling them completely doesn’t work, they will still be loaded/unloaded after boss death/level up. where is the fix?

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