Game started stuttering from yesterday

Hello, i was going for some M+ at 20.2, no problems, i wasnt playing WoW next day, and when i logged 22.2, my game started stuttering a lot, i updated all addons, disabled them, right now updating drivers, any more ideas?

What hardware components do you have (GPU)? SSD getting close to full?

i have system on SSD, game is on HDD, GPU is Intel® UHD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, i have game running on low settings, and it was working ok until yesterday

Nvidia strikes again (or just updates on Windows). What likely happened is some update conflicted drivers with each other. Nvidia drivers tend to conflict with system audio drivers causing stuttering or large performance drops.

To fix: remove Nvidia driver with DDU, update motherboard drivers if any (like audio) and install fresh Nvidia driver.

To test for driver conflicts: you can run LatencyMon, run the game and when it stutter alt-tab to latencymon to see if it’s screaming about latency (usually nvidia or windows dx library will be marked as causing latency problems if this conflict occurred).

Other testing: you can run before running the game and then another time when the game is running and stuttering. Components get percentile performance versus other tests for exact same component. While the game is running the percentiles will go down but like if the HDD percentile falls to near 0 then it may indicate a problem with it.

Make sure your Nvidia GPU is selected under the advanced settings, at the bottom and not the Intel HD.

i will try, what is DDU

Be carefull with drivers now latest drivers from nvidia sucks for WoW…older drivers are much better and it exactly causes flickering or stuttering those newest drivers from nvidia…

i cannot find andvanced settings
EDIT - for first minute i had ACPI.sys around 800, an then ndis.sys 900,

WoW in-game settings, second tab, on the bottom of the options list there should be the GPU picker.

ah, i thouht that somewhere in latencymon - so it looks like there are two torublesome - ACPI.sys around 800 and ndis.sys 900 - as newbie, that doesnt look like nvida?

Nope, those are Windows system parts. If latencymon isn’t all red then it’s all good.

highest measured interrupt to procces latency is red though

Hm… semi-good then. Did you remove the driver with DDU and reinstalled? (and it didn’t fixed it?). Userbenchmark comparison remains, potentially testing on a clean Windows install.

sorry for not replying, i tried to uninstal through DDU and reinstall, didnt helped, so i contacted Asus support nad Blizzard support, Asus got me old drivers specifically for my notebook, so i am trying that, also first time i uninstalled just nvidia driver, now i tried intel too, shouldnt i do it also for audio? because you told that it can be caused because of audio, i also used userbenchmark and i am on wooden pc. /UserRun/40462130#GRAPHICS_CARD

WoW will moan that you aren’t using the latest ones but it’s worth to try them :wink:

Anything that can be updated is a yes.

Looking at the userbenchmark result the storage is kind of low but rather not game-breaking. You have Nvidia Optimus which may be related to the problems. You could try forcing WoW.exe and Battle.exe to use Nvidia and not the switching thingy. Also in-game settings have a GPU picker. With forced Nvidia it also should have nvidia selected there.

Nvidia optimus??? what the hell is that?:smiley: anyway, i think you told me to set in advanced for wow to use Nvidia, it is still set… how to force battle net to use nviia too?
also got answer from blizzard, they gave up and called it overheating problems… even when asus told me that until it get over 100C it isnt overheating

I’m using the exact same system I was from legion, all same hardware all same WoW settings never had any issues at all …until Shadowlands, issues are 100% something on their end, Play multiple other online games most of which are far more demanding than WoW and there all fine, no issues.

I had some stutter, graphic glitches with wow since Shadowlands, one thing I did try was switching to DX 11 on relog after that my GPU temps literally doubled, My system’s GPU normally runs 30-40 degrees max, it’s water cooled and I deliberately have it set low temps, switch back to DX 12 and issues start again and no… its not the drivers I am using Nvidia 456.5, tried newer ones but issues are worse, only have issues with WoW

WoW seems to be blaming Nvidia but imo its themselves something they’ve changed, all my other games are perfect only issues are with WoW

stuttering still starts happening, but now it is more random, still happens though, thinking about reinstalling whole windows

In laptops with iGPU and Nvidia dGPU to save power the GPU for a given task is selected by the system - if it can it will use iGPU to save power. Nvidia Optimus is the switching technology for Nvidia dGPUs.

For games it should pick dGPU but sometimes it can pick iGPU by mistake or whatnot.

You can right-click and EXE and pick an option to launch it with Nvidia or in Nvidia settings add specifics exe files to alway launch with Nvidia as the GPU.

You can try a fresh Windows install on some other drive, even USB3 SSD drive (not a flash drive) to see if it’s your existing drive or Windows problem.