Gaming laptop performance question

so I am planning on buying a msi gp75 laptop on Monday . I will post the link to the laptop .
Ignore the // in the beginning.

  1. Do you guys think it can run wow on 144 hz in full HD mode ?
  2. I will also probably play overwatch on it too .
  3. Any possible issues that can arise ?
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Welcome back to wow forums good seeing you again as for PC havent got a clue but just wanted to say wb :slightly_smiling_face:

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ty . Nice to see you too :heart_eyes:

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I find it kinda funny a person named Meow picks up a laptop named Leopard.

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it was time to upgrade my meow into leapord :innocent: :blush:

And now it’s time to show your phone’s autocorrect who’s the boss! :upside_down_face:

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It should run wow very well, I’ve had 2 MSI laptops, both lower spec than that and they’ve both been great. I can’t see from the specs but make sure it has an SSD.

I can’t answer the bit about full HD but it seems like a chunky gfx card so…

That PC will run WoW fine. You’re not always going to maintain 60 FPS depending on where you are and raids (assuming you want to play on max settings) but not even the best PCs/laptops do.

Like Dejarous said make sure it does come with an SSD and not just 2 HDDs.

Laptops main problem is always overheating on high load after some time.
Also, if possible dont use laptops for gaming, desktop is always better.


144Hz 1080p won’t be a problem on that hardware. I think max graphics might be stretching it though but I’m not sure.

Either way you’re gonna have a good time.

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idk man I’m playing max settings at 180 FPS on a laptop right now and it’s not particularly warm at all. Razer Blade with 2080 max-Q. It’s about the size of the 15" MacBook Pro.

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Honestly, for gaming always get a tower if possible. Easy to replace your own parts when in need of an upgrade and never any issues cooling.
My friend has an MSI laptop and it hasn’t aged well. He’s investing in a tower this month as it easier than upgrading his laptop.
Holy crap just looked at the price of their laptops. Definitely better to build your own tower.

I completely agree, I litterally burned through 3 laptops before I built my first desktop(and even more batteries and chargers).

No experience required for building, (and if your unsure plenty of guides around) very reasonable for cost, specs is the tough part, you can get away with a very cheap pc that can handle most games but it’s got a shorter lifespan if you want to play new releases.

If you want to be mobile then laptop for sure but otherwise if it is home use you can use wireless devices and such to the same effect/comfort.

As for 144hz, no idea, i am still hooking up ancient monitors with 1080p/hd converters lol, works really well and is dirt cheap.

On paper it looks good but you know laptops…just test it. I have i5 with 1050ti but it can’t run Max hd. Laptops overheats, also dust problems.

I suggest tower for better performance.

The experience you get playing WoW on a machine is directly proportional to the amount of money you pay for the machine*… just with that machine expect to keep it plugged into the mains & have a desk fan aimed at it.

If you want a laptop for other mobility based uses, then go for it… if you want it as a desktop replacement ('cos they’re big nasty boxes that take up too much space) primarily for WoW, then you’d do better spending the same money on a desktop machine when you can afford to allocate space to it.

*yes I AM joking

Up to a certain degree, yes. WoW is mostly CPU bound and eventually you’ll be bottlenecked. You can max out WoW at 1080p with a GTX 1070 and there won’t be much of a difference with the best GPUs.

That part of my post was primarily in jest, inferring that the more expensive a laptop is, the better it will play WoW… when most people know that a laptop - even a ‘gaming machine’ - is still a sub-optimal machine to play WoW on.

Ah, yeah, that sentiment is shared. I personally can’t bear to play WoW on a laptop, and you’re right that it’s better played on a desktop, but it really depends on a per machine basis.

Regardless WoW likes its high clock speeds which are usually lacking in the former!

I have gone ahead and pre ordered the gaming laptop after hearing your points . My decision fell on these points.

  1. Portability is important to me .
    2.while desktop computers perform better but I am not expert in desktop computers .i live in a place where you will not find people who can fix desktop computer if something goes wrong . While for the gaming laptop it has 2 year local warranty .
    Ty all for ur time and suggestions .my gaming laptop arrives on Monday
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