<Gates of Exodus> is recruiting For 9.1!

About us:

Our Goal at is to push the current content as fast as possible while maintaining a chill atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Main focus is currently on getting ahead of the curve in NH & HC to move onward to Mythic SoD.

To achieve that, we are doing a lot of mythic+ in between our raid days to gear up as well as possible. This guild formed itself through the raidcore of a previous guild.

Saying so, the core of our roster knows each other already for quite some time.

Apart from WoW we occasionally do “social”-evenings playing fun-games together to get to know each other better and strengthen our bonds.

You will probably always find somebody on our discord to play with.

Recruitment Prio’s:

  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS
  • Healer

Raid Info:

  • Sunday 19:30 - 22:30
  • Monday 19:30 - 22:30
  • Consumables will be partly provided, so please make sure to always have flasks, food, oil etc with you on your own, just in case.
  • Invites will happen 15 minutes prior to start, please make sure to be in front of the entrance to the above mentioned time.

What we expect from you:

  • Effort - Focus on your main character to get it geared as good as possible, we are always there to help with doing m+ !
  • Patience - Since we are a new guild don’t expect miracles from the first day. We search for people who want to grow with us!
  • Non toxic behaviour - There is never room for abusive people!
  • Self learning - Know the boss & your character’s mechanics!
  • Being able to listen & speak on discord!

Since we are still a casual guild mostly covered by full time workers, we want to use our raid days as productively as we can. This means we expect that prior to a raid everyone should have at least watched / read guides about boss mechanics. Other obvious things like gear being socketed & enchanted is self explaining.

If you think, yeah that’s me they are searching for, feel free to contact us through discord:

  • Gäia#7907 (pop me a friend request and ask away!)

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