Gavel worth as guardian druid?

What do you think is it worth to buy it with coins? Its a strenght weapon and has a strength proc. Some sites and guides say it will be “bis”. It would be 298 on hc

I don’t think so.
Sure it gives the proc but the proc is so RNG it’s stupid sometimes…
Gavel will prolly be tweaked anyway, like OWS got tweaked a little bit.

Imagine a Fury warrior with current Gavel+Jaithys+OWS… Right now my 272 gavel proc’s do 10-20% off my dmg, nooooo way it stays this OP in Fated version.

Currently, it is.
HC gavel sims higher than any other weapon (except mythic gavel) for guardian.

Yap at least Hc gavel is bis for guardian ( without swaping) in every content.

Its pretty dumb but its true

ok. i dont like the wrong stats but maybe its worth for tmog if they nerf it😂.

There was blue post where they stated they wont touch items ( for dinars)

They have too…
Imagine a Fury warrior with Gavel+Jaithys+OWS, there is noooo way they’ll allow Warrior to be top :rofl:

I dont think they care what will be meta at this point and for what reason .

One or two items changing whole meta is dumb imho, but who cares ? Balancing is mess anyway so why not .

ok i made my own sim with my char and the gavel is a 1500 dps increase. The nine one 500 and the jailer agility one 250. wtf how broken is that weapon and why is there no agility weapon of something like that.

I only simed hc gear that means the nine would be 291 item level.

I mean, look at the procs.

Guardian tank with an AOE passive proc that not only does dmg but also grants armor (or shield I forgot).

Guardian tank swiping and applying bleeds for ST (+ healing you) or Rot for AOE situations, results in insane AOE damage.

Guardian tank with a shadow AOE to all mobs infront of you.

Guardian tank with a frost AOE that makes you absorb dmg.

Basicly all these except the “Strength” bonus are made for a tank, that is another reason why it is incredibly OP for a BDK :rofl:.

The only bad thing about it it is incredibly RNG related. But even then the procs are all prety good for you, except the strength proc which is 1/7 chances.

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