Gearing 200 to 215 ilvl is rough

Welcome to becoming a DPS in WoW.

Where ILevel is more important than skill.

Korthia does hand out decent catch up gear which can be upgraded with Artifacts to 220+ i believe?

252 tank here, can confirm on my hunter alt haha, it’s horrible. Glad I have friends to play with me and push keys.

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Might try spamming low keys for gear, not sure if that’s your thing though.

So the conclusion of this thread is: An elitist-fueled system is bad for gearing.

Well, hell… I could’ve told you that before you ever rolled a character!


I don’t know how long it takes till you can upgrade korthia gear 1 or 2 tiers, but an alt at least can already start with full 200 gear by the korthia tokens :slight_smile: upgrading to 220 should not be too difficult.

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Items and Rewards

Increased the drop rate of Shards of Domination.

Significantly increased the amount of Soul Cinders awarded from Layers 8 – 12, Maw Assaults, Tormentors of Torghast, and Command Table missions.

Players who reach 80 Renown can purchase a Broker Mark of Distinction for 500 gold in Oribos that can be used on an alternate character to instantly grant the character up to Renown 40. Cannot be used above 40 Renown.

Players can now purchase versions of Korthian Armaments that create a piece of gear for specific slots.

It’ll much easier to reach 220ilvl if you can target the korthian gear you need.


Or you create your own key groups. Afaik there are plenty of M+ groups that take lower geared players dependent on key level. Also Korthia epics from rares are a thing. Im ignoring the Stygia upgrades here for a reason.

If you spend at least 1 hour a day in korthia doing few things with archivist codex you will have 220 gear
m0 is terrible cause when you look for one no one is creating group it’s basically dead
I was forced to SOLO m0 hakkar to try my luck for trinket cause no one wanted to join my DoS and no one was creating group :smiley:

if by “hand out” you mean obtainable without skill or any shred of what I consider gameplay, then yes. so far every time I reached 60 on an alt and saw renown 1, 0/9 campaign and the prospect of the endless korthia grind. I just hit alt+F4

Have you considered that maybe the Korthia gear is designed for players who are grinding out alts to get decent gear to then you know do M+ and Raid? Or maybe Blizz decided to throw a bone to the open world players who don’t subscribe to the Meta Triangle of gameplay?

What’s the point if spamming +2 to +5 rewards 210-220 ilvl at end of dungeon?

These players who would get the gear from Korthia generally wouldn’t be botherd with doing M+

As highlighted in my previous reply, believe it or not there are wow players out there that feel they are not suitable for M+ content.

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I mean your point was literally that it’s designed for alts to get gear so they can do m+ and raids.

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That’s my interpretation as I do that content.

Systems have different uses for different players,

Yes, I was just saying that for a person who enjoys doing m+, korthian grind is more or less meaningless, since he can get better gear just from doing low keys. To me the korthian gear (and the grind to upgrade it) is intended for players who don’t enjoy m+ or raiding.

Yes and No, I’ll explain i currently have an Ilevel 202 Prot Paladin alt, atm I’m not really bothering with it as I am focusing on my main but when 9.1.5 hits and i decided I want to switch my covenant to Venthyr and spec to healer the Korthian gear is an easy way for ME to get the gear and upgrade it a few times before going into M+ and Raid.

Yes I am aware being a Tank or Healer is a lot easier to find a group in LFG but even healers and tanks need to be semi-geared to clear content in a reasonable time.

Korthia is fine for a casual main (like me) but I don’t see it as a viable method to gear alts. I don’t see any of my alts doing much in Korthia, if and when I manage to level any.
My main is 210 with mostly 220 Korthia rank 4 gear, a 190 pair of legendary boots and a few other pieces stuck at 197.
I don’t see my main getting much past the 220 gear as I’m in rep level 3 on the Codex and that is so slow (for me) that I doubt I’ll ever reach 6.

I’m a simple guy. all I want is to play the game on a difficulty that makes me feel I’m not peeling potatoes. if my char needs to spend 5 days in the oven before it can access said content, then I’ll be a very unhappy cook.

my problem isn’t whether a content is open world or instanced, I just don’t like braindead content with no prospect to even lose. such as current random HC, korthia, covenant campaign etc. if you enjoy those difficulties you should look at single player adventure games or “interactive movies” like console games.


Create your own groups.