Gehennas transfer

i payed over 100 euros 6 months ago to transfer from rzergore to gehennas eu to have better populated server . you then opened gehennas up for people to transfer free .now im currently stuck in queues of over 12000 people to log in . i find it disgusting that you as a company have taken my money to transfer to a server that you have made too popular and now you exspect me to transfer again to be able to play. im afraid you need to sort out the problem you caused by letting to many people transfer in the first place

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Gotta milk as many cash as possible before classic dies :smiley:

Hi Bainedmidge,

I can definitely understand your frustration and I wish I had a better solution to offer, though this is ultimately a complex situation with many facets to consider.

While it’s not something Customer Support can assist with directly, you can read more about our approach to the problem in this thread: