Gentlemen, start your engines

(Punyelf) #10

Only level 110 and above are eligible. Lower levels can take part but not get the mount. Last year the threshold was level 98.

(Eggs) #11

Think it was the year before when i did the low levels, whenever the first change was anyway.

This year i have about 10 characters i’ll do it on, its too time consuming to do more as the event goes on.

(Punyelf) #12

The very first year they lowered it to any char that could queue I did 50 tries a day :laughing:

(Eggs) #13

Yeah same. I kept meeting some guy with an announcer addon for kills and his was in the thousands, i still wonder if he ever got it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Punyelf) #14

I find those addons that keep track so depressing. I don’t want to know how many tries. I’m just gonna blindly hope every time xD


Good luck everyone! This is the one world event mount I still don’t have so I’m right there with you.

I’ll update you on my “No Big Love Rocket Club” membership status at the end of the event.

(Punyelf) #16

I’ve just hit the ‘too many instances’ wall :frowning:


Bit silly how you still get the necklaces. I could have used them on a few of my pre-110s. Post-110 they’re useless.

(Punyelf) #18

Same with TW, you get stuff for slots that are either neck/azerite xD


LOL, I thought you meant the re-release of crash team racing (CTR)… I am disappointed :frowning:

(Shopkeeper) #20

GRMBL Not even a day in and people are already camping at the door and leaving the moment they got their loot.

I really can feel the love with this event. :expressionless:

(Heymom) #21

Got it last year, good luck lad(ie)s :smiley:

(Uldurin) #22

I didn’t get it on the first try, this is hogwash! :pleading_face:


Aww, you will get it tomorrow, i promise.:hugs:

(Dottie) #24

You missed a few zeros off. 1 in 3,333 is 0.0003

(Uldurin) #25

Yay for mee :heart_eyes:

(Cutîepie) #26

how would it be? maybe taking a look?


I am curious, how many characters are people farming this with? I have only 7…

(Korrina) #28


This is my first year trying for the mount (got an alt that I would love to use the mount with) but I’m keeping a relaxed attitude. I’ll try once a day, then do my game chores :sweat: and if I have anytime time left I’ll give it another try.

Best of luck for everyone :crossed_fingers:


I got something like 23 eligible characters but not going to run all of them every day. Today did with 5 but might do few more attempts still on the evening. I am usually the biggest optimist about things to all the way of the annoying levels but for some reason with this mount i feel pessimistic and think “meeh it will never drop”.:grin: