Gentlemen, start your engines


sorry had to edit :frowning:

(Shopkeeper) #151

I wish I was busty, free gold->free boosts->More characters. :smirk:


Hug to you

(Naxxos) #153

And gentleman my journey is over. After 373 tries (20 a day this time) I have the allusive mount. I wish you all luck in your search



Grats!!! :partying_face:



Still no rocket. :disappointed_relieved:

(Dottie) #156

Anyone else noticed you always face north after coming out of the dungeon?

16 trys a day and no mount for this year so far and 27 a day last year. I can’t remember the years before.

(Punyelf) #157

(Turrim) #158

I’m doing 18 characters per day.
Nothing yet :frowning:

I got the headless horseman mount in Mists on the last day of the event. 2 years later i did the boss once for a random reason i can’t remember, and the horse dropped again :hushed: I wish this happened again, but this time for the rocket mount lol

(Aylish) #159

8 characters pr. day here, no mount yet.

(Punyelf) #160

Another 23 tries, I think we are on day 10 so 230 tries so far this event and no rocket.


Running it with multiple toons, every day without fail like every year… Still no joy :frowning: Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe in 10 years… I just keep telling myself that. Good luck everyone though.

(Punyelf) #162

It’s how I keep going. Even when my friends tell me I’ll never get it. I have to try!!!

(Nefaryas) #163

I kinda feel I have to join in and say 2 attempts no love rocket (that’s 2 attempts ever I’m the Charlie Bucket of this event!!!)


:heart_eyes:, I no longer have friends… I don’t have time for that, spending all my time in sfk with the undead! No rocket to keep me warm at night so far. I guess I’ll be forever alone, playing with my wastelings and dressing them up with gas masks and lovely roses…


Day 10, funny thing today, as I was going through the motions opening a box the screen lighted, this was no ordinary box, it contained a mask, a rose, and a pet. The sensory overload fooled me for a split second and I almost yelled victory, before crouching in a fetal position. Such a rollercoaster.
What joy is there in this curse?


still no rocket, or Hellfire, or Chaos Wave, or Immolation Aura, or Touch of Chaos :rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::joy::joy: I thought CMs were supposedly fired wtf happened :slight_smile: did they sacrifice more class fantasy to scuff out the money to pay for CMs or? just curious of course :slight_smile:

(Nefaryas) #167

Second day total of 4 attempts with the lovely Celadina (who can’t be with us tonight due to a severe case of moremgeroamissioitis that has been infecting the area) no love rockets for either of us. I did get a lovely neck though…

(Shopkeeper) #168

Here’s an idea, send feedback over the pond and tell them how crap this event is compared to the others.

Mount has horrible droprate, and you have to grind harder for the tokens than any other event. It’s almost like the one in charge of this event hates halloween, got cheated on or hates the playerbase.

Oops, right. Should have been positive otherwise no-one gives a damn. :confused:

And for the update post: Another day, well past 200 encounters for this event and… surprise! Haven’t seen it drop for anyone in my groups.

(Korrina) #169

If you want to grind the hearts to create the bracelets and trade for tokens I have a great tip that I got from a friend. Go to Dalaran and the to Challiane’s Terrace in Azsuna. There’s an area there with packs of beaked raptors. They are green so they drop like flies but still reward the tokens. With a class with good AoE it takes just a few minutes to grind the 40 hearts you need for the bracelets. This saved me a lot of time :slightly_smiling_face: