Gentlemen, start your engines

(Nefaryas) #45

You see yo say that but you don’t take into account that I am the slowest player you will ever meet so 1 minute to you is 6 years to me. I’ve been levelling this character since July for instance… 6 days /played :rofl:

(Uldurin) #46

Hahah dang, okey you don’t haaave to :sweat_smile:

(Punyelf) #47

It’s not a real dungeon. It’s an event dungeon. You don’t even need a tank or healer. Most groups are just five dps. Obviously someone has to queue as tank and healer but they are usually in dps spec.

(Dottie) #48

As long as you don’t stand in stuff or have 0 self healing 5 dps can do it. 16 times today not one death.


23 today :stuck_out_tongue:


Update: I still don’t have it.


(Punyelf) #52

Another 23 goes today, no mount :sob:


I will just level this character to required level and get the mount with 1 try :face_with_monocle:


Day 2, still no joy, but morale is very high, everyone knows for sure that this is the year

(Assassia) #55

That moment you have the rocket mount, but dont want to see it drop again (for yourself), since your doing the event boss for [Love Token] to be able to buy the new HS love is in the air toy.

In TW, i dont mind if the mount drop again, since i will be able to give that away atleast!

Only event mount i miss are the broom (please make this a perma mount next year!)…bet you can add the reindeer to a perma xmass mount aswell :>


Bet you go from the door to the boss riding the rocket, dont you? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Day 2

still no sign of the throbbing beast i yearn to have between my legs and ride !!

I will not give up hope 46 attempts so far !

(Punyelf) #58

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:

(Assassia) #59

Now thats an idea…but nah, i’m not that evil :wink:


Glad I only have 2 chars that are allowed to queue, even if I do really want it.

GL everyone

(Punyelf) #61

Another 23 tries, no mount :frowning:


Tomorrow you will get it!

edit: why does it not show anymore who i reply to? this was for puny

(Punyelf) #63

I got a notification, so it’s working :wink:


Ahh, it just doesn’t show on my screen that arrow with name so it looks i am just rambling away generally. Ofc i tend to do that sometimes too but still.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Shopkeeper) #65

Day 3, 62 attempts… haven’t seen it drop for anyone else either. :expressionless: