Genuinely having a great time in the Blitz Mode

Title says it all really, I’m having a lot of fun in Blitz, I think the game mode is fantastic. I love the timed captures and high speed mounts, really makes BG tanking fun and it feels like everyone has a role. This is a god send for people like me who do not have the time to play Arena, preferring just to brawl for an hour.

My only criticism is the Gilnean map could probably do with a retooling since it’s only one where I find myself being relegated to flag camping with no action the entire game. This is probably due to the map having only 3 flags, maybe it wouldn’t play very well with the flag mechanic used on other maps?

Besides that I think it’s great, love the frantic game play, if you loose it doesn’t feel like a let down since queues are short. Also, games last just the right amount of time to feel like you’re making progress even if you loose.

I think the only thing that’ll truly kill this mode is waning engagement. If folk can’t get gear and progression from it, I reckon they’ll abandon it. Hoping that the full roll out comes with full PvP progression, the vault and season rewards etc.

PS, small whinge: I think I’ve encountered a bug where my flag carrier debuff has persistent between flag caps. So I’ll carry, be killed, respawn, recap the flag and instantly be at 15+ stacks? Is this intended? Has anyone else encountered this?


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