Get A Northrend Upgrade Before Your Journey to Icecrown

Get A Northrend Upgrade Before Your Journey to Icecrown

World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King® Classic™ is just around the corner. Enhance your experience with the Northrend Heroic Upgrade and Northrend Epic Upgrade, available the week of August 30.

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Blizzard HQ be like: Hey guys, we are in a cost of living crisis. Gas, power and food prices are skyrocketing. Lets make our boost, which is basically just a console command, also more expensive just to screw people even more. Dont worry, we built enough good faith with our “body-type” change rofllol kek.
Greed finds a way.


I hate to say it but that glider mount in retail is kind of sick

Maaaybe not 80$ worth of sick even with the 30days gametime and classic goodies though… ^^

60 quid, god damn.

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Funny isn’t it, having to pay for a rerelease of an old game that you already paid for (most likely, I still have box lying around somewhere). And the funniest part is that it’s more expensive than it was back then.


Oh? I thought Icecrown have been open and available for years already?

I’m admittedly somewhat far behind, currently about to clear patch 3.2 instances. :clown_face:

Money made it to the coffer.

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Just had to check the tbc one which also of course was insanely pricey but I thought I recalled it not being as pricey and yup 69:99$
Same amount of stuff just slightly different.
Mount, hs, toy, boost, 30day vs mount, pet, toy, boost, 30day.
Gotta sneak in those price hikes even in immoral cashgrabs ^^

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Yea, but you had the Opportunity to get the Dark Portal Pass for a few Bucks, and its still possible to get a key. I paid like 25$ and received a 58 Boost + Gametime. Blizzard want ~60$ More for 12 Level (EXP Squish is already here, so its like a day?) + A Flying Mount?

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If you think that’s outrageous, they also sell character transfers for 25euros and they don’t sell bundled transfers like on Retail.

I can understand wanting to make money, but some things are just plain up insane.

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HAH, we all know people who play classic or wow in general …

have buckets of spare cash live with their parents and have no lives outside…

can’t blame blizzard for knowing their target audience…


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Whatever… Ask for charity instead we will do it!! Thats a char boost with cost of whole expansion.

No thanks

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Its even more funny that u dont need to buy this to play wotlk classic. The funniest part is that u only need a sub! Wow!

Anyway, the boosts will save you time for 4 days playtime likely with all the extras you get. If time is that precious for you, buy it. If not and you can afford it, buy it. If you find it expensive and/or you dont have time…dont buy it?

Seriously. The time you put to level, riding skill, mounts and weapon skill is worth it.

Would have bought it if retail was not such a garbage show. Sad for the classic dev team

To be fair without this boost majority of people woudl not return to Play wow classic especialy after removal of lfd which means anything below 70 is dead content.

50 euro is ok price to save hundreds of hours needed to level to 70 especialy if you dont have ton of gold to buy boosts in game.

I cant wait to boost my paladin which will tank and farm a lot of badges to get gear and will have healer spec for raiding :wink:

60£ for a mount is a bit excessive for me. It’s also ugly so I’ll pass :stuck_out_tongue:
Big question though, will I be able to roll a DK even though I ain’t played Classic or TBC? … … … who am I kidding, I did but 16 years ago right before quitting in WoTLK. That’s why I’d like to play this expansion.

80 euro for a mount in retail, why not?

Blizzard is doing a reverse Arenanet.
When GW2 released their latest expansion they released an Ultimate Edition of the Game with the expansion, a mount, a skin for your boat, a character boost, inventory space (account wide), a character slot, a character rework and 4000 gems for 79,99€.
The gems alone are worth 50€.

Blizzard obviously hates it long time customers.

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No they aren’t. You have already been conditioned. Gems are worth nothing

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l o l o l o l o l you are one of a kind