Get an Early Look at Hero Talents in The War Within

Get an Early Look at Hero Talents in The War Within

Hero Talents are a new evergreen form of character progression that will be introduced with the release of The War Within expansion. We take a closer look at the philosophies around Hero Talents and the Mountain Thane, Lightsmith, San’layn, and Chronowarden Hero Talents.

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Blizzard PLEASE. The rune of power playstyle is bad design and was removed from mages for a reason.

Why is blood DK forced into it? I stopped maining bdk because of it in dragonflight and the hero talents double down on it.

Its awful gameplay thats not fun and just punishes you for kiting or moving at all.
Please Please reconsider it. Tanks should not be forced to stand still or be severely punished.


we need shaman tanks, warlock tanks in retail. especially warlock demon form

Stationary gameplay is lame indeed.

The same is true for Earthen Wall Totem.

Hopefully this will be good give them a chance :+1:

It is looking good, but tbh it is a mistake to not give “Slayer” as a hero talent to Demon Hunter, it is our literal hero title by lore and the games own standard.

Slayer on Warrior should be switched out with something equally cool like Battlelord or Gladiator, and then Slayer should replace either of the two Demon Hunter ones.

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I hope it’s tied to an epic class specific quest chain. I always loved some lore. Like artifact weapons.