Get Bonus Trader’s Tender with Dragonflight

Get Bonus Trader’s Tender with Dragonflight

It won’t be long before the new Trading Post feature goes live, and with its arrival, players with Dragonflight will receive Bonus Trader’s Tender.

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Still won’t be blowing the tender on the sparkle pony, that’s for sure. Some of the open-world collectibles that are rare drops should be on there too!

@Blizz, just get it live already ;).

Tbh, I just used some of the Gold I made over Xmas and bought the Pony at the sale rate, so I wouldn’t need to spend the Tender on it at a later date.

I think the idea of the Trading Post is so they can introduce stuff that isn’t already available in the game and that doesn’t necessarily fit any particular theme.

The “please buy our expansion” posts are getting a bit sad by now…


What’s sad about Marketing promotions?

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Can no longer wait for it at all.

I desperately need my red version of the MoP Forest Set to fully look like a proper Nightmare Druid.

The hype is real.

Actually dont care about traders tender when RIGHT NOW - the LFG queues are broken on EU Aggramar, plus I presume by forum noise a good few other realms.

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Will we be able to get challenge mode mogs from this?

Cool. You’re working on fixing all the queueing & grouping bugs though right?


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in 2 months when my sub ends, i am gone.

dungeonfinder not working
without any addons you`re lost
no dragonflighing in azeorth
annoying speedrun tanks/heals/dds in level dungeons


Warden armor when?

no thank you

How long will the promotion last for?

Because? /10 chars

Obviously it is more important to implement, rather then fixing problems that are piling up. I bet even this feature will brake something.

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Blizzard is a company making money :smiley:
do you really expect from them to not being active in getting money?

If anything, it tells me to not buy their next release in the first 30-60 days as there will be a discount/ better offer within that timeframe.

But then you will cry that you are behind and demand sometthing weird from blizzard
you know just saying

I play maybe 2-3 months a year. I skipped WOD/ Legion as a whole because I had stuff to do and it didn’t look that interesting to me at the time. I don’t mind being behind.

Bring back all the old removed mounts blizz you cowards. Including the original zul gurub mounts and Scarab lord mount.