Get the Sky-Captain’s Masquerade Attire Transmog Set

Get the Sky-Captain’s Masquerade Attire Transmog Set

Join the dance with the Sky-Captain’s Masquerade attire transmog set. You’ll dazzle in this elegant airship-worthy look.

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Perfect for sailing west through the storms.

eh not keen on it

Yeh it’s cool, but what this got to do with WoW?

It’s a transmog for upper class whale with the luxury promo masque


I assume it is for airships, something that may fit with TWW zone that has the Arathi. It will be on the trading post at some point though, so I never buy these.

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As cool as this is I really disagree with the fact you’re making it unavailable after the 1st of January this is quite a unfair situation for those who collect mogs and maybe can’t afford to spend this type of money and even if they could they shouldn’t need to feel forced to do so to be a mog completionist.

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It isn’t because it will be on the trading post. This is just for people who want it now and have the spare cash.

says in the shop that its indefinitely going to be gone forever.

From the shop. Hover it, “…will arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post” same as the mage set they just did.

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Ah okay ur correct I never seen that thanks for that clarification

I no longer pay for regular store items because I feel as if I am wasting my money. Why would I pay to get early access for a transmog set when I can just wait 3 - 6 months and get it free of charge through the Trading Post?

The only cosmetics I pay for now are the yearly BlizzCon bundles, and if they start to give away BlizzCon cosmetics for free through the Trading Post then awesome, I will no longer pay for future BlizzCon cosmetics and Blizzard will save me a further £43 annually.

It’s a similar situation with Collectors’ Edition cosmetics. Starting with The War Within I will only be paying for the base editions, because all CE cosmetics eventually turn into regular store items once the expansion ends, and then they will eventually be put onto the Trading Post for me to get for free.


Tbh I am simply never going to wear it. I try not to spend money unless I adore something, like the fish mount, but I have a tendancy to splurge on character services for a pick-me-up :see_no_evil: I wish the owlbear mount for the annual sub was on the store separately.

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Like the outfit… but jfc that hat/mask is fugly.

Sorry but the darkmoon clown transmog was more serious than this…


You can spend your money however you want, I don’t judge people on how they spend their hard earned money, but I personally no longer see the appeal in spending money on regular store items anymore knowing full-well that the Trading Post exists.

Yeah I agree.

Literally instabuy. Best tmog ever.

if 20quid for xmog then make it proper special with effects and trader tenders ? maybe xD

Not my cup of tea, but it’s nice.