Give followers a rest bar?

(Türiel) #1

So i was thinking if you’ve seen the video about how moonluck abused his followers when they asked for a break but he diden’t give them one. Found here So how it could work would be that you could give them a minium 30 minutes break but if they had been on a really long mission minium a few hours break then. And you’d be able to buy items on the auction house to keep them happy and refreshed.



Poor Moocluck.

(Türiel) #3

Well i only bother to learn nice people’s names.


Yeah whatever Thanos.

(Türiel) #5

I’m not thanos. It’s not even close to that.


I like Moonwalk’s performance in this one.
Nexxus did well too.

(Türiel) #7

So noone’s going to mention how poor the life of those followers. I’d sue mooncluck for not allowing that dwarf some medicial atention.


No I am not interested in pixel’s feelings, when the real humans suffer without any attention every second.

(Türiel) #9

That’s rude of you.


I mean you are the one refusing to say a Real person’s channel name so …

(Türiel) #11

I will when he becomes a buterfly


A fly from Bute?


(Türiel) #13

No he said his dream was to become a butterfly