Give me Solo Rated Q for Arena

I want to play your game. I want to subscribe to you and give you money.
What i dont want to do is look for random people that I DONT WANT TO PLAY WITH and ask them to play with me. I want to be able to play pvp solo. Give me a Rated system that i can solo que in and get rating and farm. Other games have done it. Why cant you ?
I know its an MMO and its suposed to be group played. But the whole thing is bad.
The community cultivated here has been bad for years. The whole guild thing has felt like a chore to participate in for years. Its feels like im aplying and looking for a job in real life. I dont want to do that !?! I want to get whome and solo Que some rated pvp AND BE ABLE TO PROGRES… get me some rating numbers and some gear without having to rely on random people thats i dont know and that i dont want to know or play with.
You are releasing a new expantion. A great oportunity to bring in a feature that people have been asking for for years. It wont destroy the group gameplay and comunity becouse theres is very little of that left already.


If you would have attention on dev interviews… rated soloque gonna get shipped in the first big patch of dragonflight or if they are fast enough even at release.


in before it has no gear scaling and it will be terrible by some implemented broken systems (tier sets, legendaries or other crap they might introduce)

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their main “selling point” of df is no borrowed powers, would be funny if they add something like that

also why do soloq need scaling? it will be rated just like 2s and 3s+ df will have wod gearing system, 1 honor and 1 conquest gear, scaling is not needed


There is no gear to uprank in df just honor and conquest gear… so for what do you need scaling ?


waiiiiiiiiiiit for it…

because playing with honor gear against full conquest is still not fun
or playing against people who had more luck with the vault etc.

yes and gear is not equal until the very end. Better than now but still a garbanzo system

13 ilvl difference is still most likely 10-20% dmg difference.

If you keep your conquest cap up to date, you will be equal. Join late you will be at a disadvantage for a while.
why die through the system when you could make the system better

its been the same since wow is wow, you have a honor sett, then you que up and face similar ilvl ppl bcz theres mmr obviously, idk what with this scaling for soloq only, it will be just like the other brackets in tbc-wotlk-mop-wod, literally everyone asked for this instead of the current system.

ye im also like this, i cant trust blizzard, i can imagine they add something at the end when everyone preordered already

im not sure about this but “wod gearing system” means that conquest cap increases week by week, so if you join weeks later, you can just farm up all the conquest and be equal

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just because wow never had a good system, doesn’t mean we cannot have one? what is that logic please lol

because even that bad system is miles ahead of the trash that we have now so yeah… people think blizz is so incompetent they rather suggest something that blizz had in the past before messing a new (easy) system up again (legion templates lol)

Stop crying it’s already here.

while i agree templates was good/would be good bcz i just wanna log and play, legion had the least pvp participation, and everyone hated templates, i believe there was an interview about this in the past and they said they removed templates bcz of the feedback. so i guess majority wins.

i dont think wod gearing system is bad, its 10x better than the current one, im fine with it personally

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Wait… people should at least make an attempt to educate and inform themselves before coming to forums to spew opinions on something? Be careful, you might get labelled toxic for that.

Please don’t say that :frowning:

templates = good
the way the implemented templates = terrible.

It wasn’t only that templates that cut off the pvp participation, especially for casuals.

We had stat templates instead of ilvl templates and not even that was fully true because we still had ilvl scaling with ended to be quite significant.
People just disliked that they couldn’t gear for their main stat and since blizz has absolutely 0 clue about their game, they gave wrong stat templates to the specs which made them awful to play.

top it off with the god awful pvp talent system which reset every time you reached 50 and it left you with 0 pvp talents LOL

I don’t think it is terrible, but I don’t think it is as good as people make it to be.

People who ding level 70 will still be canon fodder in pvp till they grinded out the honor to gear up. How long that will take depending on honor tuning, could be 1 day, could take 1 month to gear, who knows.

if you stay on top of the season, the gearing system isn’t that bad, especially with all the new weekly conquest quests, but if you change to an alt or dinged late, weeeelll you still are at a severe disadvantage even if it is just 13 ilvl (which is still 10-20% dmg/def difference which is still huge)

I can live with this system, but i don’t think it is perfect.
It could also be made better even if you want to keep this gearing system.
Remove conquest cap
remove the pvp quest weekly cap and make them repeatable
scale ilvl to at least 10 ilvl below honor gear in bgs so you don’t need to afk to farm gear
etc. etc.

For some reason, after the entire SL fiasco, which only gets worse by every patch, I expected yolo queue to hit live during this sson or just prepatch max. Are you telling me that we arent going to get yolo q even in the first season of DF? Why would anybody buy DF then? They literally need it, so they have presales, before ppl read the reviews and avoid the overhyped and rushed trash completely.

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soloq is already in the alpha build, so it will be on release

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Give me Solo Rated Q for Arena

Give me too

I dont want to open game to go stare lfg and waste time more than I already am by playing video games and stareing window of different ratings and ilvls and peoples experiences on third party sites, that doesnt put me in the action playing the content why I opened the game for. It takes time which I am not interested to waste multiple hours and frankly is not something I want to do in a video game as find it as tedious and boring as doing some reputation grind to unlock x level borrowed power for every character on account one by one

This large company and for which algorithms are nothing new, could saved us of all this process before getting to play the game years ago and just automated the matchmaking of getting a partner to play with like in so many other game already

We are litteraly getting a solo queue ranked mode in dragonflight most likely on the first season.

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That is like going into ER with injury and they would put you sit in the lobby for 7 years

Blizz rly dont work fast do they

You have to be a troll or completely delusional at this point. The PvP UI has literally been updated to include ranked solo queue on Dragonflight Alpha.

:+1: nice replies bro :+1: