Give us free COVID-19 mask mogs!

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Ya best work yet mon. Top stuff, 5/5.


While they are at it, why don’t they bring back the blood plauge pandemic of wow as an event?


I just dont want some covid-19 contagious vulperas and gnomes to /spit and /cough on my face.

Or remove these emotes.

That would be beyond tasteless…


Alternatively they could sell it and give the proceeds to people who have suffered because of the crisis. Why give it out for free when we can actually put it to good use.

Because I dont believe Activision is a very charity-ish company.

What about the charity pets?


Those masks exist in game already…

Also, don’t you think it would be a tad in bad taste?


This is indeed a very bad taste idea,i have a dark sense of humuor but this is pushing it .
Also as others have pointed out blizzard has done alot for charity already .
They have done auctions ,pets and server blades and more you really need to read up before posting false information.


I know what you could do with those masks.

Do you know that holy place, were usually the sun dont shine?

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Bring back the pandemic event, then in such a way make wearing mask is the only way to prevent infection. Then make the masks only available in Blizzard store.

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Why do you all think this is a troll thread?

Dont you think if Blizz make a “free covid-19 mask mogs ingame” and its available for all of your WoW characters would incourage ppl to wear more mask on the streets in real life? Just to look more like their ingame alter-ego. I think this is a good idea, dunno about you.

While I look like this Kul’Tiran I post on, my main is a vulpera, my most played alt is a Tauren. I’m not gonna manage.

You can be a tauren in real life :smiley: Just buy one of these.
And with the Kul Tiran body-shape, you`ll be perfect.

Joking about a pandemic virus,you will go to hell for sure.

Only if I believe in that sh…
And where is the joke? Im serious.

We are killing each other that way with IRL PvP - not even sparing children.

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