Give us new underwear!

After seeing the Drakthyr in all their customizable glory I am saddened that the rest of the races do not have customizable undies…

Give us a choice of underwear please and let us mog trousers as invisible (Im no more offended by seeing someones budgie smugglers then I am at seeing their over the shoulder boulder holder).
It would really improve our transmogs and we could add some cool loincloths or britches type options, not to mention chest straps or fitted tops. All appropriate to the various races.

Some of our characters have been wearing the same pants for over 15 years!! Think about that…


you are saying that night elfs dont have washing machines in Darnassus ? let me help you by exporting some of them from the exodar to your house .

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Would be lovely to get more choice. The Dracthyr options are lovely.


I support this.
Wearing the same loincloth for 15 years!
The smell… oh god imagine the smell.


For the love of… CODE RED!!!
STOP :stop_sign:
These topics attracts individuals who immediately asks for Blood Elven or Draeinei thongs for everyone! :shushing_face:
Especially in the light of the whole Body 1-2 chaos… literally for everyone :eyes:
Orcs or Taurens or god forbid Humans in those :confounded:

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Dont be so species-ist…if the Furbolg can rock a thong I see no reason that all the races cant do the same!!

(besides Id prefer more cover up TBH, kinda like an extra transmog option hiding under your clothes!!LOL)

I’d really like the option of something like this, with an inflatable sea horse ring.


That looks very fancy, sir :disguised_face::+1:

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I may be mistaken, but don’t we Draenei have this since the recent customization options being added?

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It’s time to give every race a female human or belf thongue! Goldshire Inn would be a better place!!!

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I’ve seen a suggestion on twitter to give the male versions a vest top as well as an option. Looked pretty good tbh.

I would love this choice on males, along with other versions ofc.

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Oh please, you don’t even wear… err… nevermind

This… actually looks awesome :astonished:

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in my many years on the forum i’ve learned that resistance is futile Ryoshun embrace the thongs chuckles to her self

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It looks horrific

I would prefer in my human hunter the Female Dracthyr (Human form) underwear.

Ain’t you a ray of sunshine :slightly_smiling_face: It’s not like someone would force you to wear it.


Well, you are tall enough for me to be around the right hight to embrace yours… :wink:

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I don’t like Kaldorei underwear…

Who likes underwears anyway?
Let us go commando!

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Be cautious of the smell !!