Glorious Dragonrider's Mail missing chestpiece?

So the new ensamble Glorious Dragonrider’s Mail from the trading post is a recolour of the Dragonrider Island Set from BFA. I thought this new red and gold recolour would have the tattoo chestpiece in red but it seems it doesn’t have it at all.

Is this a mistake or did they just not include it on purpose? I really like that chestpiece and i think the set isn’t really complete without it.

Edit: They fixed it!

Totaly agree. It’s weird that the piece that makes the set stand out is missing. I think that it’s a bug they can’t seem to fix because the whole set including chest piece was shown during the promotion of this months Trading Post rewards.
I froze mine because I didn’t want to spend the currency with this iconic part missing.

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