Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard?

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I do this as well from time to time, as well as handing in suggestions and Twitter @WarcraftDevs

I wont stop using every given channel. U dont have to click on this thread if u already know it and wont support it.

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At least they could solve it like the Dreadflame skin and only put the MoP skin in the wardrobe of the characters who still have scrolls or non heirloom weapons enchanted with MoP Glorious Tyranny, Bloody Dancing Steel and Spirit of Conquest.


How about… No? People got it on low lvled twink characters, so that would definitely not be a solution.

Now, you might argue that “they can just track the lvl achievement and if it’s after the rating achievement then just exclude those characters” but that wouldn’t work either because it’d open a loophole argument that “but after we had lvled the character, we then got it again on the same char” which Blizzard have no way of verifying because they weren’t smart enough to record their leaderboards, which was a big part of what caused this mess in the first place.
Not to mention the ones who already had the rating achievement on the char from an expac before MoP, but no duelist/hot(a/h) in MoP, so they’d get screwed either way from your suggestion.

Face it, the requirements they put were indeed very unfair after the wardrobe was implemented to the ones who lost the rating they had after obtaining it, and it was a direct consequence of the mess they themselves created by allowing stupid things like twinking in rated environments (you wouldn’t qualify for titles, but it’d still give you the rating achievements and rewards like the enchants), but the way they handled it was a compromise. And in a compromise, not all sides can be satisfied.

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I know about the low lvl mess. But i am not willing to pay for their mistakes. I earned it propperly and want to mogg it.

Imo it would be better to give it to the few players left who earned it at low lvl than to leave people like me behind. Idc if that few people get it was well. I love that skin and have good transmoggs with that skin. So i ll keep using all channels to let them know.


Dont give up, i want my Blood enchant back 2

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Americans are still fighting for this as well:


True, pretty much everyone who played at 70 wintraded rbgs to hwl and bloody.

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No. Those who just stopped at 2200 (like me) or e.g. left their high rated teams to play with friends as well.

And its not their/our fault that blizzard messed it up with the low lvl Arena.
So i dont want to pay for their mistakes. And if few people who earned it at low lvl get it as well, i dont care tbh, as long as i can mogg a skin i propperly earned.


If you earned it, why cant you transmog it? You couldn’t get duelist in MoP or WoD? :L Blizzard came with a fair solution to prevent boostee’s and low lvls from getting it, you’re paying for your own mistake by not queueing

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Titles weren’t part of the requirememts back in the days. So there was no need to push further.
And why would you play for a skin in wod, if u have already earned that skin in MoP.
At this time noone thought that blizzard would handle it that unlogical.

For Future safety i do 2400 now in every addon. I did it in legion multiple times including Hero of the Horde. I did it in bfa on multiple chars. That’s not the Problem.

The Problem is, that there was no need to push for titles back in the days if u only wanted that skin, because the duelist requirememt was added in Patch 7.3 (legion Patch). Long time after MoP/wod .


Wasn’t it added in 7.1.5? Or 7.2? I’m on pain meds cuz I underwent a surgery yesterday, so maybe I’m remembering it wrong, and I don’t have any energy to google stuff, but 7.3 was deep into Legion and I just have this notion they came up with that compromise that was caused by their incompetence to begin with, earlier in Legion.

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It was that late in legion. 7.3, you can read it up. But no matter which legion Patch. It was way too late for the MoP 2.200 players.

So again:

  • I own the skin
  • I can wear the skin
  • Transmoggguy shows it as Glorious Tyranny
  • I did it on max level
  • I can level with that skin, i can do timewalking with that skin, i can pose with that skin…BUT i can not mogg it to do actual content

Doesn’t make any sense


Uuuh no, now you’re just omitting stuff mentioned at your own convenience. You know it makes sense, you just don’t agree with the outcome. Those are two different things, you know. xD
You can read all about why it happened if you scroll up, in case you actually did forget (although I doubt it) so keep in mind: It makes sense, you just don’t agree with it.

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Why should i be satisfied if i am one who did everything propperly but be one who left behind by this compromise.

Ofc i keep on telling.

And in my case it doesnt make sense. I fit every requirement, i did not cheat or abuse low level. I still own the skin.

Every other eliteskin i earned (tabard, Set, weapons) way back til vanilla/BC is in my wardrobe.

So why should i be happy in any form. I didnt mess up anything. Blizzard did.

Edit: and no it doesn’t make sense to use the same skin in 2 different Addons with 2 different requirements that are not comparable. And only give it to the Second half, because they messed up in MoP with that low level s.hit.

For me it makes sense, that if i fit a requirement for a cosmetic skin before wardrobe and earned it propperly, this skin will be added. This is like all other cosmetic skins before wardrobe were handeled.

Edit 2: a nice input from the US forum

[q]Could we please do something about this issue blizzard? why are we being ignored.

There are definitely a lot of players with this issue…

The new duelist requriemnts to get the illusion isn’t fair… because back in MOP bloody dancing steel was only 2200+ and the ladder wasn’t like what it’s today.

There used to be battlegrounds:Vengence,reckoning etc… nowadays all the ladders are merged together.

Also, it was teams… unlike now permanent character rating. Back then I didn’t stay on my team just for Duelist or Rival… I left to play with friends and tanked the Rating But I earned the enchant.

Request: Bloody dancing steel , Spirit of conquest as an illusion.

If you have them enchanted on any of your heirlooms or MOP weapons, we should be able to get this new illusion.[/q]

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Keep up the momentum, keep the thread(s) and topic active and post in-game feedback. (See threads below for more info). The US thread mentions this issue having a lot of activity recently and advice to keep threads active and constructive to see a change.

Fixes are simple to implement, the time taken dealing with the people asking probably outweighs the time to correct the omission. Anyone with the Glorious Tyranny or the Bloody Dancing Steel/Spirit of Conquest in bags, on weapon or has an eligible 2.2k+ achievement from S13/14/15 that would allow them to obtain the enchants should get use of the illusion.

The people who were missed are those who didn’t sit rating for duelist in 3v3, people who did get 2.2k in 5v5 but not 2.3k required for duelist in this bracket, and people who obtained the enchant via rated BGs. Given blizzard listened and implemented the 7.3 patch is clear the intention for blizzard is to correct this so work with them.

Very recent US thread (~3 days old):


It’s ironic when you haven’t even read the thread you’ve posted in.

Oh, didn’t know some stuff in the thread you linked to. So people could sell and buy it too? Well, the guy in the thread you linked to explains it pretty well. The enchant illusion back then just can’t be tracked who got it legit and who got it from the twink exploits and who got it from buying the BoE version.

Well, have fun remaining dogheaded. Or is it bullheaded? Anyway, whatever the euphemism is for very stubborn.


Thanks for your input, I will start a thread of my own. But I have read the thread (Along with the others listed below) and was addressing the common issue highlighted in all of these threads - Recognising the eligibility for use of the illusion beyond the patch 7.3 duelist implementation.

Some of threads active during 2018:


17616802117 (EU) 20 pages of posts (~400 posts)

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The buying/selling was a bug fixed on 22nd May 2013. Enabling for a few people who did exploit based on a bug shouldn’t stop those who actually did obtain it fairly being able to use. If that is a huge issue, well then even enabling it for people with RBG/arena achievements during the time period who ended up not eligible for duelist as opposed to those who “may” have traded is only going to have a positive impact ^^

Have a happy new year all!


You’re forgetting the twink exploit. People could also get rating achievements as a twink.
Also, you’re forgetting how they can only track the dates of achievements if it’s the first time the char got it. Unless you got the duelist achievement after the feat of strength was implemented, that is.


Just someone who wants to see improvements in the game for myself and others :slight_smile:

Have a good one!