Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard?


You’re forgetting the twink exploit. People could also get rating achievements as a twink.
Also, you’re forgetting how they can only track the dates of achievements if it’s the first time the char got it. Unless you got the duelist achievement after the feat of strength was implemented, that is.

You’re 100% correct, now maybe that means the criteria for achievement based award needs to consider the same character achievement date for level 90 (both of which are tracked).


Now you’re forgetting the loophole. Which I’ve mentioned in this thread already.


Again, a great point - I am not saying “hello this is the perfect solution”, far from it and yes some people might lose out - hell, A LOT of people actually got it that shouldn’t have from blizzard’s patch 7.3 duelist approach. (Kudos to blizz for listening)

But as I said it would only serve to improve the situation if something of this nature can be implemented. It is up to blizzard how it is implemented my dude - I am just trying to raise some awareness so they might look into it.


So now you’re admitting it’d be a compromise if they followed yours, and the others you’ve referenced to, ideas. But now you’re forgetting that the duelist thing was a compromise already, which Blizzard said when they did it. So why would your kind of compromise be better than the compromise they already did? Why would they go through all of that extra strenuous coding to filter everything as per your suggestions, and then implement it onto the servers, when they already have one compromise completed?

Those are the things you should ask yourself first. And if you come up with a good solution that makes sense to them as a business (they’ve been told to cut costs a lot this year, by their new CFO from Activision), then that’s what you should focus on telling them.


Bewaré - You’re the best :slight_smile:
But I was never denying there would be compromise xD, and yes the “”“strenuous”"" coding could be worth it if blizzard see enough reason to do so for customer retention or time-saving dealing with tickets/suggestions - Hence the reason for me wanting to raise awareness through this thread and other avenues.


The time spent on dealing with tickets is constant and always done by the same people, so the only difference would be a small amount of average wait time. The other thing is that the strenuous coding (there’s more required than you seem to think), costs money. The developers costs money, so whatever tasks they get needs to outweigh their cost in certain time windows, and thus giving tasks like this, after it is a closed matter to them already, is therefore unlikely.
Then you need to keep in mind the load on other teams, as they would also need to do their own analysis if it would make sense in the matter of “customer retention” and things like that, in their respective regions, if it would actually reach the stage of being considered, because statistics and statistical analysis is part of everyday work for companies on that level. So if they need an analysis done, they hand it over to the people in charge of that, and then move on. And time spent working costs money, so tasks needs to make sense to the people in charge.

As for the suggestions, they’re also a constant and dealt with by the same people as always, and a big part of their job is just to turn suggestions into statistics. As in how many asks for this, or that, or a combination of this and that etc. which then gets addressed by devs and creative planners in staff meetings, when it comes up on the agenda because there’s a need for it.

As for the amount of people affected by all of this, I’d be willing to bet it’s less than you think. For example, they’ve stopped reporting sub numbers to the public ever since the fiasco of the first quarterly report in WoD, but they still report the total amount of customers. And in the latest report, they’ve dropped from 352 million customers, to 345. So the scale of people asking for this, is a very, very tiny vocal minority in comparison.

I don’t mean to rain on your parade all that much, but you just need to think of better ways to address the issue.

And don’t forget to properly motivate why they should reopen this matter, when to them it was closed a long time ago. Because to open a matter like this, when there’s no wholesome solution for everyone, would mean adding a compromise on top of another compromise. I doubt anyone would think people would stop complaining if they opened up this can of worms again, it’d just change the people complaining about it. Because there’d still be people left out in the cold, so they’d feel shafted again if another compromise is implemented.
In other words, when not everyone can be satisfied, it doesn’t make much sense to keep trying.


As you say mate - The more posts and suggestions (statistics) about improvements to the game (how ever subjective they are!) = more chance of something happening.

This is some great discussion and hopefully will show blizzard how they have passionate players wanting to see these sorts of improvements in the game.

Blizzard - Please further address the issue of allowing the players who earned this great enchant the ability to use them on current gear and not have to run around with heirlooms on for the effect.


Talk about trying to spin it into a positive. xD
What I wrote is that what you all have done thus far, is close to meaningless. The suggestions have been bad, the requests have been selfish with no realistic insight, and you need to come up with something better. And because you are so few affected by it, no matter how noisy you are, it will not affect them anymore.

I am not encouraging simplistic spamming. I’m encouraging clever thinking. Big difference! Also, because they have already “dealt” with it, it has dramatically reduced the chance for you to gain any sympathisers anymore, thus reducing the chance for a movement to form, and thus not really affecting their customer retention on a big enough scale to affect them.
What you all have done after the compromise was implemented with that duelist thingy, is also likely part of their expectations. Because they already knew some people would get shafted by what they themselves called a compromise.


Yeh, you’re right! We should be clever and use the correct avenues to let Blizzard know this is important to us as customers.

I have confidence in Blizzard and these forums as a tool for player feedback.



Uh no, what I meant is you should come up with better suggestions. The outlets you use to convey it is up to you, although reddit sees more Blizzard involvement than the EU PvP forums, just so you know.
But if the suggestions doesn’t shape up, then either Blizzard will sell out and obey the minority, or they’ll keep ignoring you.
The only hope for this to get properly solved, is if they come up with an unknown option that solves it all once and for all, but there’s not much hope in that. And the CFO doesn’t decide team activities per se, it’s more of an influence.


The reddit eh? Thanks for the tip homie!

With a bit of luck and team work in 2019 we could see these positive changes introduced to the game.

Have a good new year - Peace and love x

(Abraxis) #72

@Beware - All that low lvl und buy/sell exploit isn’t an argument to leave people behind who did it properly like me and some others. It would be even better to give it to the exploited players as well as to leave honest players behind that didn’t do anything wrong. Blizz did that mistake, not the honest players, but they are the ones hurt.

The only people who are against this are the ones who think their red illusion would lose prestige because of that. I don’t care about prestige. I love the look, and i earned it propperly. For prestige, there are FoS or Acms.


It’s an argument to not give it to everyone in the ways suggested. Many people, who did get duelist and had the enchant back then, got it again because of the compromise. So there’s that.

Blizz has made many mistakes, but this is about how it affects the reward scheme. In order to protect the integrity of the reward scheme in a fictional game like this, there are systems in place to bolster desire. To bypass systems, even if it’s just once, affects the reward scheme immensely.

As for the look of it, it’s kinda crap ever since they reduced the particle density though. And then they made the demonic tyranny similar to the old red enchant in terms of particle density, which is just weird when they said they reduced the red one because of the way it affected some people’s FPS.

Also, noticed how you keep mentioning, in pretty much every post, how YOU don’t want it to be like this? How YOU feel left out, when YOU did nothing wrong? At the same time as you keep ignoring everything that has to do with the systematic approach and repercussions to the problem itself.

Told you, stop omitting things at your own convenience. Even if you didn’t omit stuff this time, you just chose to ignore it instead. Not much difference there.

Which is why you should come up with better suggestions, instead of whining like a baby. Because that’s truly what your arguments have been reduced to.


Okei mr logic, tell me why i dont get it back, when i have 2.2 achv from mop, and 2.4 achv from legion? thats a perfeclty executed prof. you know what they say? we dont have prof you bought it, silly as ****, terrible customer service, WHO THE HELL cares about 5 marks of honor or w.e the cost was… they ripped my weapons of the pre patch litterly!! i had it twice, asswipe customer service


You can find the answer to this by reading previous posts and the thread that Asch linked to.

To clarify, in case anyone reading this doesn’t know, is that infants and small children all base their thinking on themselves. They’re the most selfish people in the world. Not by their fault, it has to do with the brain’s development and how they’re yet trained to expand their mind to include other perspectives.
Fits the bill perfectly to all your arguments thus far, you know?


there is no answar, i already stated theyr answar, smart one.

and btw where is your sources about why they did this, cuz i have opened several tickets with em, and they never told me anything what your talking about, your arguemnt is compelte false, as one of the seasons in mop its lower than the recuirment for the enchant. aswell the reason they told me is, thats the easitest way to track it, since so many people wwanted it back. yet its a bad fix, if you manage to open your mind, but u cant, so this is pointless talking to someone like you, a question id like answared, do you have the item? did u get it from the “fix”?


Nice arguemnt, talking about were" kids" and your not, im 22 years old, played this game along time, my brain is properly deveolped, and i know that theyr way of hanlding this is garbage customer service, your jelly or dont want us to have it back for some reason, maybe u got duelist when it was 2.1 and dident even achived it, omegalol


I don’t have it. Never claimed to have it. The original density of the red enchant is the one I wanted most out of everything in this game, but I didn’t PvP that much until the last seasons of MoP and unfortunately I had no clue how to play well enough to push back then. I’m a 26 yo (27 in a month) vanilla player and I have actually played every expansion of this game, although up until the end of MoP I was 75% a PvE:er and 25% a PvP:er. It’s a long story why I don’t have my original account anymore, but you can chalk it up to the account hacks that went rampant in wotlk.
But your arguments are borderline censored so I’m gonna stop replying to you now. If you want answers then read. If you just want to whine like a baby, then by all means, do continue. I just won’t answer you anymore, ciao.

Nice little edit there…

To anyone reading this, he first only mentioned

As for the source, it’s from when it was a hot issue and was brought up in Q&A’s and random blue posts here and there. So good luck finding it, I cba to look for it. You’re really censored for thinking GMs can answer anything, especially EU GMs. In case you didn’t know, they’re the customer support for in-game matters. It’s a job similar to cleaning toilets, although with more pay. They do as they’re told, stick to guidelines in what they can do and how they’re supposed to act, and they also have people who are bad at their jobs, as well as some good ones. I doubt you have any clue what I’m talking about, but customer support is a line of work where you do nothing on your own if it isn’t a method preapproved, and you’re never allowed to act hostile towards customers.

But yeah, I doubt you have any experience with this kind of work, and I doubt you have any friends that has told you what it’s like if you even know anyone in that line of work in the first place.

Bottomline is that customer support have no authoritative power to make any decisions on their own if it doesn’t match criterias covered in the manual, and not covered by guidelines given. It’s in these cases where they simply pass it forward to a predetermined department if criterias match, or dismiss it. (This is also why some tickets gets GMs asking you to submit a bug report or a suggestion instead, because they are not qualified in the company to deal with it themselves, and it doesn’t fall under their assigned responsibility to write up such things for you.)


you could get it in last season of wod aswell btw, but u prob dident know this :slight_smile:


Ok, one final au revoir for you, my little baby pal. I didn’t play well enough to get it in WoD either, I peaked at 2.2k back then. Now I’ll leave you alone, ciao.