Glorius Tyranny, can i have it now blizzard?


Hi Defuzed,

From what I can gather there are the following legitimate cases which mean the fairly earned enchant cannot be used::

  1. You didn’t sit rating to get duelist once you had earned the rating to buy the enchant (2200), to say play with friends etc.

  2. You earned the rating in RBG or (maybe) 2v2 arenas which did not qualify for titles such as Duelist.

  3. You earned the 2200 rating and could buy the enchant, but the Duelist cut off was higher than this.

With the patch 7.3 Duelist eligibility change, people with around 2000 rating who never got it initially can now use it. We’re hoping for a refinement on this to allow more rightful players to use this as an illusion.


Happy new year Bewaré! You got the 100th post, grats mate.

Firstly, I don’t think it is fair to generalise like this. Secondly, the logic for us posting our suggestions here in the forums as instructed by CS staff about an issue we want to see fixed has far more rational than you posting here just to get your opinions across on a matter that doesn’t even directly concern you xD.

We would like to see this issue addressed please Blizzard! I think the go-ahead for GMs to grant this illusion these to people based on legitimate criteria deemed fair by yourselves within would be the most cost/time effective method to solve this.



Thanks, happy new year to you too. 2nd paragraph of this post shows clearly the selfish stance you people tend to take on this matter.
The first paragraph is just flat out wrong, because reward schemes affects everybody, doesn’t matter if it’s directly or indirectly. As for me, it’d affect me indirectly.
Not to mention the problem of setting precedents, where the argument “but you did it that time!” would inevitably pop up in one form or another if anything remotely resembles anything like this.
I told you in an earlier post, the problem is with your toxic and self-righteous BS that I can’t even deny might affect the company, which would affect everyone in one way or another. It’s when you limit your perception to direct effects that you miss the big pictures.

I don’t even remember if it was purchasable based on rating in 2s, but you’re wrong about the RBG part. Hot(a/h) also enables people to buy it, which was implemented together with the duelist compromise. Edited this part, but apparently it’s possible to buy the red illusion with hot(a/h) as well as duelist, but the blue/purple enchant from wod requires specifically duelist.

They’ve already explained that it’s not a matter of giving the go-ahead to customer support or not, it’s a matter of not being ABLE to verify the legitimacy of the illusions, mainly due to lack of records kept in various ways. So your hypothetical request is already illegitimate.


Good to know.

The precedent here that may be set is Blizzard listening to the community, which is not a new one. Even specific to this matter they already listened with patch 7.3, this showed they have the intention to solve the issue, this is just phase 2 of it…

Please understand that many changes come about in games based on feedback from the players (even ones with QQ selfish motivations, actually I would like to see ones that aren’t at all for self-benefit!!!)

Based on your assertions in this and other posts I can only conclude you don’t want anyone else to benefit from anything, or have the things they earn and want for fear of yourself being disadvantaged, and that is a real, real shame.

S15 HOTA was ~2.4k EU and US as an example. Enchant was 2.2k FYI.


A combination, or any of the following:

  1. Do they have the enchant in bags or on a weapon. (Glorious Tyranny, Bloody Dancing Steel or Spirit of Conq.)

  2. Do they an achievement of 2.2k or above from S13/14/15.

  3. Level achievement date in relation to said pvp achievement.

  4. Elite gear (yes 2k, I know but hey so was Duelist) or other rating-locked items.

So it is possible to verify legitimacy or eligibility of the illusion with as much certainty as ever with rating-gated rewards, yes the information Blizzard collected at the time was limited, but from every post I can recall about this I honestly think the cases are very clear-cut. I am certain that when Blizzard get enough of a reason to reassess this the criteria for reward will not be too difficult.

At the end of the day, there has been at least 13 threads active over the past months (in addition to Twitter posts etc.) all in favour of reassessing the use of the Glorious Tyranny Illusion. The combined number of posts in these threads are in the 1000-2000 range and so there is an appreciable amount of activity here. Not to mention all of those without subs currently and cannot post that are invested in this. I know people who would re-sub/stay subbed and bring more subs back with them to pvp if this change specifically went through.

Let’s keep this thread going!



The ways you listed have already been discredited. The closest you’ve come to legitimately verifying it, is to input the character’s level achievement, but as mentioned previously many times is that it still doesn’t certify it. Both because of the loophole argument, and that those with such titles from past expansions would be left out, and so on and so forth.
As for the s15 hota that’s just two instances. Keep in mind this might include regions like KR and CH too (I’m not entirely sure what happened with them tbh), and before the battlegroups were merged then cutoffs varied a lot more so don’t forget about those. And as already mentioned, it was a compromise, so you will not see conditions matching 100%, ever.

Also, your list would further damage the reward scheme. That is not good. And your response to the thing about setting a precedent was complete BS and you know it. Or you don’t know what a precedent truly is and what it can be used for. Either or. Because them not listening to feedback is a constant, not an outlier.

The number is an extremely tiny minority, even if you would be exaggerating.

This is irrelevant and anecdotal.

Then your conclusion is mistaken, and another example of flawed logic. I’ve already stated I’m all for you getting what you’ve earned, but not if it messes things up further. Do I need to repeat more, or can you just scroll up?
Anyway, bottomline is that you all base your arguments completely disregarding anything that speaks against it. Even if you understand it, you still willingly choose to disregard it. What the hell is up with that?

Anyway this is going around in circles too much, so I’m gonna stop responding to you in this thread.

For anyone reading this, if the behavior outlined keeps up by these people, then posts below this will continue to ignore and omit counterarguments as they keep going, to suit their own agenda.

Oh right, I forgot to mention that elite gear was purchasable by anyone at a certain point in time in MoP, though I can’t remember when exactly. It just required having purchased the normal conq item, and then spending the same amount of conq points again as well as handing in the conq item, to get the corresponding elite part, regardless of your rating. So there’s that too, for your little suggestion in that list.
Of course, this is also how it was even with the rating requirement, but they removed the rating req for a while, for some reason.


My S14 and S15 elite gear (altho the same skin) had a 2k rating. Talk about ignoring the facts as suits xD.

They have not, and they are easily trackable.

Your “best” and only factual counter-argument is a very, very small number of people will still be left wanting, yes. But the situation would be improved for the majority with this issue. Apart from that, you’ve just been saying toxic and selfish a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Your statement previously for not implementing because it is not 100% perfect is ridiculous and would mean there would be no such thing as progress or development in anything. From the active posts, I am certain that the consideration of those 4 points would satisfy the players posting on the issue.

Yes, the basis for this illusion is that a small minority would even unlock it, let alone be in the situation we are in.

There are 100’s of posts supporting this from the past year and the fix is quick. Wasting time dealing with the unnecessary tickets and feedback is avoidable, plus this is already in-line with Blizzard’s obvious intention from the patch 7.3 fix - To give those who earned Glorious Tyranny (or similar) enchant the ability to use the illusion.

(Abraxis) #107


How is it toxic and selfish to not give up fighting for a reward you love and you earned honestly?

You called me toxic (or promoter of toxicity) too. I did not do any sort of insultion to anyone. Starting with this sort of “argument” from your side makes me question even more if its worth the time reading your walls of text being categorical against any form of logical argument “pro” another/better solution.

Your not even getting our points. You claimed i have problems with adding more of the skin via the duelist 7.3 solution. No i am not. It was one argument why giving it to the rest of us wouldnt affect the prestige status along with other ones (like boosting e.g.). Rather i told idc if a very little amount of players who cheated get it as well, because giving is better than denying especially when it wasnt the players fault.

And this prestige status seems to be your only concern, because thats the only point of your whole argumentation. The exploit and the buyability for a minimal amount of time and maybe some will get it who dont deserve it. You have nothing more to say than this in like 10000000 words beides of calling others apathic, selfish or promoters of toxicity.

How can you not see that toxicity is promoted by the company mistakes and not the players who earned it honestly.
How can you not unterstand how frustrating it is to work hard for a reward you really love an not being able to use it anymore because of mistakes being made by others?

And speaking again of your special snowflake status of prestige rewards. What do you think about legion Post Season where thousands of players could earn demonic tyranny unintendend by the companys mistake and letting the players keep it?

Maybe because they rethought and learned that giving is better than denying when the fault is by the companies side?

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Dude can you get over it? This entire thread was ignored through out legion, what makes you think Bfa will be any different? Make a fuucking ticket and keep asking like everyone else. Quit bumping this thread

(Abraxis) #109

No. I dont. It was ignored because they saw it as solved with 7.3 i guess. But it didnt solve it for all. So ofc i ll continue.

Especially when you read this in the us forum:
“I just talked to a GM, he told me they are discussing it because they are receving a lot of tickets lately about this issue… and he told me to keep this thread active.”

If you’re not passionate enough that you cant unterstand fighting for this, Its ok, your choice. If you feel annoyed by this thread, then get over it :wink: and just ignore it. Noone forces you to read this.


thanks for bumping it


From GM today: “Bloody Dancing Steel is a common contact driver” we’re closing in people - Let’s make it happen!

Allow GMs to grant the illusion based on:

  • Do they have the enchant in bags or on a weapon. (Glorious Tyranny, Bloody Dancing Steel or Spirit of Conq.)
  • Do they valid achievement(s) of 2.2k or above from S13/14/15.

Blizzard - You have 1000’s of forum posts on this since patch 7.3 and 100s in the last few months. Not to mention all the in-game feedback and tickets. Please do something about this so we can go back to enjoying what earned in the first place.


Source? did they say that :o?


Yeh I had a ticket to follow up another issue and asked about it, it was in a reply to me.

(Abraxis) #114

So i got a ticket answered today as well.

Since it is in german, i wont post it here but what it basically says is:

  • 2 month ago this GM did a presentation for the devs and productmanagers. He prepared it 3hrs and added exampleaccounts to cover the whole topic

  • at this point they were too busy doing hotfixes for current problems, since it will take some programming effort

  • they want no GM solution where every single case is looked into, because they are afraid it would extend the estimated waittime for all costumer service tickets

  • he will do a request again as soon as he thinks times are a bit more chilly for the devs

  • so yes, they see there are people out there who deserve it and dont have it, the topic is not dead, but its a question of time and resources

The text was written in a hopeful manner and makes me think that it is good to keep the pressure up and the discussion alive.

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Who gives a flying fuuck


Awesome Abraxis!!!

Seems you found GM who is up to date with the issue.

Thanks for posting the info.

(Pernazian) #117

Hopefully this is true, keep posting

(Abraxis) #118

You can GoogleTranslate it if you want :wink:


yes lets just give the red enchant to all these 24/7cry babies who got it purely by twinking or the extremely easy and common 2.2 pilots that were exceedingly popular during MoP hence why they don’t have duelist achievement


Thanks for the bump friend!

Some people didn’t sit the rating, some people got it via RBG, some were 2.2k+ but the duelist cut-off was higher (i.e. S15 5v5). But nah… your narrow view is probably right.