Glypf of Metamorphosis & Glyph of Immolation Aura

Hi, can you please add glyph of metamorphosis that changes its appearance to , purple to be replaced by green/fel and also, glyph of immolation aura that changes its spell animation to warlock’s hellfire spell animation, druids and warlocks got nice cosmetic stuff lately, can demon hunters get something too ? Thanks.

Sorry it’s being reserved for demo locks come next expansion :sunglasses:

10.2.5 announced, again warlock gets cosmetic stuff, again nothing for dh… :frowning:

tyrant skins, finally.
Would be also cool if they casted something more flasy than little demonbolt

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Nice change for the hunt in 10.2.5, any news for a new meta model?

I mean you stole from us, so frankly this is just us regaining ground.

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