[Gnome/A/N-RP] Sparkforge Industries :Gear: Seeking Merchants and Gnomes!

Current Location: The Coast of Vol’dun

The cogs of industry turn and the forges of ingenuity are at our disposal. In times when the faction war has been reduced to skirmishing, Gnomes, Dwarves and the rest of the Alliance must look to new means of generating innovation. Sparkforge Industries aims to take hold of this idea and run with it, conducting research without boundaries away from the prying eyes of those who would oppose it and further uncover the secrets of the Titans and all that is Azeroth… Mercenaries, security staff and researchers not opposed to regular danger, questionable morals or working with Goblins apply within.

What is Sparkforge Industries?

Sparkforge Industries was once known as the Gold Coast Company before it was bought out by its new Administrator Mapton Manafuse. The company is now focused chiefly on the procurement of knowledge, especially that of the ancient Titans, and working out how to apply that knowledge to the science and technology they produce and sell. The company has funding from both the Explorers League of Ironforge and Gnomeregan, with intentions to set up production centres in the future once they have goods that can be mass produced. Most goods are sold on a supply on demand basis through work orders or from our storefront if we’re hosting a stall or shop somewhere. Sparkforge Industries works in close partnership with the Goblin company BOOMTEC Incorporated as part of a cross-faction brain trust scheme, as well as the Elven Astral Consortium. Based on a barge akin to Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge, the company regularly travels to different lands or even realms to conduct research and go on adventures in the name of progress!

Races/Characters Accepted

Sparkforge Industries is ran chiefly by Gnomes, Mecha Gnomes and Dwarves and we actually have a majority of Mecha Gnomes right now! However, we accept any race of the Alliance within reason as our security team is small and we rely on mercenaries to do a lot of our dirty work. All races also have opportunity to become security personnel or researchers.

As for the types of characters we accept, we mainly accept characters who are fond of technology and research or protecting those who enjoy it for coin and have some leeway in their morality. That means whilst we’d happily have a low tech paladin within our ranks who doesn’t mind the research we do, anyone who’s big into the light above all else or is against experimentation may end up clashing with the ideals of some of our researchers IC.


Staff: Staff are brand new hires of the company who have not fully decided what advanced role they wish to take, or simply traders and non-combat personnel.

Mercenary: Mercenaries are people of all races of the Alliance who are willing to get jobs done, no matter what they are, and be paid on a job by job basis to do so. Mercenaries of Sparkforge are called to aid security on most missions, and their opinions are respected if their field is involved. Mercenaries may take up other contracts from other groups or individuals on the understanding that Sparkforge Industries is not responsible for them on a non-Sparkforge mission.

Security: Sparkforge Security are the main peacekeepers of Sparkforge Industries and expected to actively work alongside military units and the security of other groups to ensure that Sparkforge assets are safe; whether they are on an expedition protecting personnel or overseeing the safety of Sparkforge operations and headquarters. Unlike mercenaries, they receive a regular salary and bonuses for good work; but with the role comes more expectations of dedication and loyalty to the company.

Researcher: The researchers of Sparkforge Industries are the backbone of the company and its research. They are tasked with constantly finding new ways to innovate in science, magic and technology as well as extract valuable data that can be sent back to those who fund the company. They are also expected to find ways of making their research profitable for the company and, as is the Gnomish way, fight for themselves when on a mission alongside security and mercenaries.

Officer: The officers of Sparkforge Industries are in charge of overseeing the main operations of the company. This includes the Research Captain, Security Captain and Mercenary Captain. There are also other officers in charge of operations on temporary bases or to fill in for the Administrator at times.

Director: The Directors of Sparkforge Industries appear quite irregularly but are the main investors of the company who will meet concerning dire matters or hire the company to aid in their own goals. They will also join expeditions from time to time!

Administrator: The Administrator sits at the top of the company, overseeing all operations and the functioning of the company. At times they are intimately involved in company matters but at others they are distant and detached. The current Administrator is Mapton Manafuse, an Administrator assigned by Gnomeregan with history in the Kirin Tor and the Explorers League from expeditions in Northrend.

Where we’re based

Sparkforge Industries is a transient group that move between continents and regions with the help of a large barge we share with BOOMTEC that we use Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge to represent in game. We do pop up in Stormwind now and then to recruit but you can often find where we currently are at the top of this post.

Events - What to Expect

Sparkforge Industries mainly shares cross faction events and expeditions with BOOMTEC Incorporated. Unless on a special event or campaign, the company will often travel by barge to different lands and spend at least a week on the landmass (or under da sea) before moving on. Most events utilise raid markers with some visual cues (and maybe some music!) from our discord server currently. However, when it is working again, the guild will return to using the addon Dicemaster for events due to the visuals as well as HP tracking it provides.

The only time events won’t use markers is if it is specified by the DM or enough people log on for us to need NPCs to take pressure off the DM. We also tend to use real mobs if we are in current expansion zones that are scaled to our level, using RP/PVP rules of one ability every five seconds.

We like to do a variety of events so they may be mysterious and grim or in equal parts crazy and hilarious. Some are combat focused and others more on research. We also highly encourage members of the guild to make their own events and progress their personal stories with us as we love to see it!

Rules and Activity

Getting down to the more administrative side of the guild, the rules of our guild are simple:

  • Do not OOC in spatial channels eg. say, yell or emote- this applies even to clarifying things happening in RP, it’s best to just use whispers or guild and raid chat!
  • We have zero tolerance towards erotic content within the guild. If we catch you ERPing it will result in immediate removal from the guild.
    Please respect other Roleplayers and don’t run around on mounts/disrupt RP.
  • We don’t like drama in the guild and will act upon it when it arises, so please try to keep up a friendly atmosphere within the guild and our discord.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy to racism or discrimination of any kind. We are an LGBTQIA+ positive community so please respect pronouns and LGBTQIA+ relationships between characters within the guild. Any instances of discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community will result in immediate removal from the guild.

We host RP most days of the week and while we don’t have very strict activity requirements our rulings are generally if a member only RPs with us once or twice within a month and doesn’t have any reason why they’re not RPing with us we remove them from the guild and if they do not speak in the discord at all a month after that we remove them from our discord community. Of course if we’re informed of a reason for a lack of activity we won’t remove people from either and we’ll always check that everything’s alright before we start removing people.


Recruitment is currently open! Please throw Manafuse, Gearwell, Boltwrench or Yeongsil an in game mail or whisper if you are interested or just post on this here forum thread and we’ll get in touch. We can also be found on the guild finder!


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Great initiative! :+1:

Promoting and creating more options for Gnome RP is always welcome.

For Gnomeregan! :hammer_and_wrench: :gear:


We have some unusual business partners, one might say, but that just means a good variety of work.

And good pay.

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One week to go until Sparkforge Industries join our allies amongst BOOMTEC and the Astral Consortium in taking our barge to the shores of the Dragon Isles where those who stayed behind in camp on the last expedition have accidentally added a bit too much ‘oomph’ to the demolition efforts at Three Falls Lookout and revealed a new tunnel to the fabled Zaralek Caverns!

Now is a better time than ever to join and as always we’re recruiting for all the roles and races outlined in our original post!


We are in Stormwind tonight, so if you wanna hang out, and maybe buy our stuff, or join our ranks, we can be found on the corner of the Catherdral District opposite the Park.

We had a very interesting night in Stormwind where we sold some of our wares, chatted with some friendly people and observed some form of- riot over the imprisonment of a pet goat?

On Sunday our barge will be departing for the Dragon Isles, so if you want to join without needing to find a means of seeking us out on the Isles now’s the perfect time to join us! We’ll be gone for a few weeks once we leave as we venture the isles and do research.

In other news, seen as we’re away so much we are not only looking for people to run our storefronts back in the major towns and cities of Azeroth, but we are also producing a sparkly and new mail order catalogue which will let you order our wares or place work orders and make requests for goods for us to produce and send to you by mail- or by courier if it’s too big!

Always love to see fellow gnomes united in the eternal pursuit of knowledge and research! :two_hearts:

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I believe a “Gnome RP is the best RP!” is in order.

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Sparkforge and their allies were tested by a rogue member of the bronze dragonflight this evening - locking them in a repeat of the same few hours until they found the correct solution to a reactor meltdown, they were forced to work together and repair the core before it went critical. Failure meant starting all over.

In the end, they’ve prevailed, of course - although the drake vowed to return for another trial at a later time.

Yes chronomatic anomalies may be one of my specialties but I assure you that your brave Administrator was not present because he found them trifling- he didn’t at all feel slighted that he trapped himself in a time loop!

Sparkforge and their allies have returned to the Dragon Isles. Any claims we’re partially responsible for the gaping hole in the cliffs at Three-Falls are without merit.

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I agree, BOOMTEC had no part in the earthshattering explosion and the Dwarf shouting ‘you were only supposed to blow the bloody dirt off!’

Sparkforge and their allies are stationed in Zaralek cavern since the past few days. Bar a slightly worrying digging expedition around a defunct titan facility, everything is going swimmingly.

Sparkforge and its employees continue the exploration of the Zaralek caverns alongside their varied allies. We’re unearthing a myriad of historical and scientific data, and compliment the local military forces’ efforts besides; something they seem to value.
Less obstacles in the path to science and exploration, at least.

Sparkforge Industries is still anchored near the Azure Span with their allies! Plenty to dig through in the depths of Zaralek.

We’re having some discussions with furbolg regarding cultural documentations - and of course, trade. Our researchers, meanwhile, are hard at work seeing into all the samples we’ve found in Aberrus’ surrounds.

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Sparkforge would like to take this completely inconspicuously picked moment to say how very PRESENT all of our officials are and how our pursuits of artifacts result in success one hundred percent of the time.
Other, similar companies’ track records have nothing to do with this statement.

After returning to Kalimdor, Sparkforge and BOOMTEC spent a week at a local spa. Upon returning to work from this vacation, time anomaly stuff started happening. Things are about to get interesting.