Goblin and Worgen heritage questlines

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8.2.5 is closer now that they are starting with the PTR. And this brings the new lore bits around these two events.

Will they have a relevant story that furthers the future plot of both races, will they focus on specific characters tied to the current story, will they be about non-related side stuff, or maybe create a callback to former events?

With these scenarios, we’ve had all sorts of stories so far that follow different routes from the list above.
Which one would be most fitting for these two races?
Which one would be more “enriching” for their story?
Which one are we realistically going to have?

Edit: Got some hilarious lapse with the race name translation :sweat_smile:


Personally I’ve got good hopes for both of them.

For the Gilneans it’d make quite a bit of sense for them to finally revisit Gilneas, and while I don’t really expect Blizz to give it back to them fully, it could still offer at least some sense of closure for them.

With Gazlowe being so relevant in the Mechagon content, leading the charge I’m really hoping that they have him replace Gallywix as their leader. It’s probably not going to happen since that would require Blizz offering actual development, but it would certainly be enough for me to have an interest in the Goblins again.

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Id argue for that too. But still seems kind of big for some small questline. Rather they gave it the importance it’s due.
Wouldn’t mind creating a warfront around it, even if it meant start giving them official lore closure after this expansion.

The pessimist side of me, just feels that Blizzard is going to go over some rehash of Varians ritual with Anduin, and have the Worgen help him become the “Son of the Wolf” and all that drivel.
Maybe having Goldrinn himself making an appearance to grant him such powers.

Personally, I’d love a smaller but significant series of events that tackled the Night elf/Worgen relation. Hopefully leading to future events that has both races working together to salvage what they can out of the Darkshore situation.

See, here I think they might do what they teased at Blizzcon, and fire the gun in Azshara. But the alternative you mention seems rather likely too given how hard they are pushing Gazlowe on all fronts as this “Super Cool Boss”.


I’d be surprised if there was anything really new in the heritage questlines. None of the other 4 had. It’ll be some callback to “Worgen/Goblin identity” and that’s it.

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Gnomes and Dwarves had their own thing.
And the Blood elf one was but a callback to see the actual heritage that defined their race.

But the Tauren one (as Baine centred as it ended up being), did kind of hint and tie with what could possibly be future plots and stories.
And looking past the classic heritage quests, the introductory plots for Maghar, HM, Void elves and Dark Iron, have somewhat relevant storylines that can be considered as important in the long run.

Given this patch will probably have some marked content drought, and will focus on “meta” aspects such as pumping hype for Classic with the anniversary, or new gameplay mechanics such as the levelling scaling, i think that these quests would be a perfect chance to introduce meaningful stuff. So far, they seem the only story related content.
Might change in the future of course.

Edit: Anyway, I find it interesting to try and guess what said stories could be. Even if I know that we can probably end up with a disposable villain to throw away after we are done with him, and loot a cog-themed gear for goblins, and some Bloodborne hat for Worgen.


Which meant nothing and only served to remind them of old enemies and inborn attributes.

Hints mean nothing, really.

That’s where I stopped. I don’t think that’s comparible. Those are recruitment questlines, not heritage questlines.

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Wait, we need to revisit Gilneas to be told we like…won’t ever get it back? And that’s closure? If that’s closure, better don’t give me one.


Wouldn’t it be swell if in the Worgen scenario Genn takes you on a trip around Stormwind and regaled you with tales from his shattered nation?

sips wine

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Sad part of it being the likelihood of a similar scenario.

Unironically, you might be on to something. If I recall correctly, 8.2 introduced the V.O. for the race introduction. Maybe the heritage questline includes having Genn reminiscing said events and making the usual speech about the importance of standing united with the Alliance, etc.

Kind of underwhelming to be honest, but wouldn’t rule it out.


I’m keeping my expectations on the low end. Every heritage scenario save for the Blood Elven one has been pretty meh and I reckon the only reason the Belf quest was any good was because the scourging of Silvermoon is such an iconic event in Warcraft lore. Not to mention the Blood of the Highborne novella was an excellent blueprint for the scenario.

But we’ll see. At least the Worgen have a strong foundation to build on.

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True. There are two “plot routes” they can take them towards: Curse or Kingdom.

And choosing either opens a wider range of possibilities that seem interesting in their own way.

As I pointed out to Wimbert, hope they use these scenarios to spice up storywise a patch that otherwise seems rather focused on meta content.
Probably we are in for an underwhelming scenario, but one can hope.

Edit: And I’m kinda hoping the goblin one has to do with the gun thingy they teased at Blizzcon…man, it’d be soooo cool to see. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, this must be it. Not the fact half the Horde plays blood elves.


A wild MHP appears.

It uses Deflect.

It’s not very effective.

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It’s in the race, gender and class.

But I don’t see how the popularity of a particular race has any bearing on the success of their heritage scenario. Worgen have the potential to be just as great as the Belf one thanks to their rich lore and they’re one of the least played races in the game.

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Holy sh!t!! I’m dense as fudge! Male Human Paladin :man_facepalming: Hahaha.

But I guess everyone is free to speculate regarding the reasons about any event.
I understand the above is some recurring joke, but everyone is free to theorise, regardless of their race/class combo :grin:

I agree with this tho. I doubt Blizzard bases their story decisions (at least the ones like these), around a demographic component.
Personally, wouldve loved it more if the scenario had been about something more recent, that tackled current issues, instead of something that, as you pointed out, is already somewhat covered in several novels.
There is more to current races than the past traumas.
At some point, Blizzard needs to start creating new stuff instead of relying on successful past narratives.

Being fair, it worked. They did pull a rather cool questline.
But I’d probably liked it better if they had worked on something more fresh with the same amount of detail.


I actully dont want that, i like gazlowe but galywix much more/better represent the normal/usaul golbin then Gazlowe. and atleast i wouldnt want Galywix killed off.


You forgot where he praises anduin and baine constantly. and how gilneas was no big deal nor loss of his son and if you ask him about his daughter tess, he says he only had a son or something. Oh and that the forsaken are long ago forgivven for it and he dint mind what happend to Gilneas at all.

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For the Worgen quest-line I could see it being a short story of sad Genn’s regrets.

With visions of the past perhaps we’ll start with Genn’s fallout with Darius Crowley and shuttering Gilneas off to the outside world, followed up with Genn approving the first use of Worgen to combat the Scourge.

Maybe we could act as a trapper for Krennan Aranas and discover how he developed a partial cure for the Worgen curse. Then we’ll quickly rehash the latter stage of the defence of Gilneas against the Forsaken.

At the very least I’d like an actual return to Gilnean lands, and for the scenario to either start or conclude with a visit to Liam Greymane’s grave in Aderic’s Repose.

It’s difficult to choose featured topics from a Gilnean’s history, too much feels significant for a 30 minutes(?) scenario.

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Very true.
I really liked your scenario, but precisely because of the above, unfortunately I don’t think it’s something feasible (a shame really).
It would need more resources than the ones that are usually devoted to the heritage questlines.

The scenario must be short, with lots of Gilnean pride, and must include some kind of feat that the PC does in order to “earn” the medal of wearing the Gilnean outfit.

With the above in mind, I think it can go in two ways:

  1. Curse route: The Pc is deployed in Darkshore and has some sort of spiritual journey that bonds him more with the feral nature of wolves, while also fighting back the Forsaken and aiding the Night elves. Something reminiscent of Varians plot in Wolfheart.

  2. Kingdom Route: The Pc is summoned by Genn, to aid in the Silverpine battle front, to fight back and cleanse the Blight that permeates for example Shadowfanf Keep (something not as grand and demanding as the entirety of Gilneas). Upon being successful, Genn grants you the official Gilnean armour/attire.

These are some scenarios I can think right now. Pure speculation btw, but given the circumstances, I think these are realistic pitches.