Going forward I hope Blizzard make the classes more distinct aesthetically/animations wise


Of course every class plays differently and have their own mechanics. But I find it hard to get invested into the lore and roleplay my character when I see that one of my spells for example ‘‘rain of fire’’ is just a reskin of many others that other classes can use such as comet storm . Too many abilities (single target, aoe, minions) are just reskins of eachother for the classes and whilst they may do different things and have a different type of damage effect they are essentially reskins.

At times it feels like, ‘‘just pick whatever colors you like most’’ regarding some of the classes. I heard in the past Blizzard also wanted to give demon hunters a ranged spec where they used fel magic but decided not to as people would be unhappy due to the lack of class uniqueness.

This is very nitpicky but I hope that animations and class aesthetics can be made more unique and distinct going forward from an rp/lore perspective.

The lore is also a mess at this point with countless contradictions and retcons, it hurts my head trying to understand it at times. Another issue I see is that ingame many enviornments/character models are reused.

For example the latest race in Nazjatar (alliance side) are night elf models. Its hard to immerse myself knowing that they just reused the night elf model for this race and many others ingame.


I agree with this to a degree. And I think Blizzard do too, as they have recently admitted they messed up with class pruning and homogenization, and are looking at ways to fix it. How this will materialise - and if it will fix the issue - I cannot say, but it certainly adds validity to your post. However! I have to disagree on the animations front. I can easily and visually tell the difference between a Paladin and a Warrior based on their spell effects, as well as between a Mage and a Warlock.

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