Good class for an older guy

Hello All

Been playing since launch but lately as I have gotten older my reflexes have really slowed down a bit. I raid on a team that clears heroic each tier and I am good at getting key master. That is the good news. The bad news is the only toon I can play now at a high level for those kind of things is my MM Hunter. Every other class I have tried to continue playing I really lack the numbers to do both keys over 10 and heroic raid.

What would anyone recommend as an easy to master , very simple rotation for an older guy like me to play? No DH please. I need a second toon for a second raid team. Any suggestions and why they are easy?

BM hunter is by far the eassiest and most forgiving spec in the game, closely followed by MM hunter.

Since I won’t expect you to make 2 hunters, I would like to suggest 3 possibilities.
Demon/Destro Warlock, Balance Druid or Fury warrior.
They’re all very simple in their core gameplay and with more experience you get a little bit more flexibility.

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