Good pc, bad performance, help me please:(

Heyho everyone!

Ive been playing for many many years (since cata with some breaks) and i had many different computers through the years, this is obvious. I had bad and good ones, but the game always performed badly.

And i always thought “ok, old game, bad optimization, etc”, but ive seen a few ppl having a way smoother (i mean, like compare 60fps to an approx 144 fps look, thats really different in everything) game with literally the same pc, or even with worse pc-s.

I have a ryzen 5 2600x, rog-strix 1660TI, 2x8gb 3200hz ram, and the game is on an ssd. Aaand its just not smooth, looks clunky. Literally wow is the only game that caps my pc at 60fps, i can go stable 144fps on ultra settings in fps games, i can be around 80fps even in bdo on remastered settings, etc.

Any idea on fixing it?

Edit: when im afking at a random place i have 144fps, but in combat (2v2 arena, dungeon, bg, all the same) only 50-60fps.
Vsync and fps limiters are turned off.
Tried both the WoW recommended “7 settings” and the nvidia driver recommended “10 settings”.

60 FPS cap means you have VSync on in the game settings (or the FPS limiter active in the other tab of those settings).

No, i turned them off.

So what’s the actual Average, 1% low, 0.1% low FPS? (tested with CapFrameX or MSI Afterburner) in new zones?

I assume latest UEFI with microcode installed, latest drivers and for 2000 series Ryzen’s, the AMD Power setting installed for Windows 10 as it does change a few things in CPU scheduling.

Also, what ram speed you’re using, other programs being run at the same time, any heavy anti-virus software (This can affect frame rates), unupdated addons. A bad addon can wreck FPS… Had that happen to me in the past.

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