Good Suramaritan

Hi guys, i am stuck at 7/11 questline in Suramar!
I need to get 11/11 for Path one of legion Broken Isles.
Btw i am exalted with The Nightfallen, and my Tracking for Trivial Quest are turned ON, but i still dont have new quests on map to do.
Please, can anyone help me about this :))))

Can you tell us which ones you’re missing?

Hey Clipeum,

A good way to find what exactly you are missing, is to check your achievement here, check what your character has completed, and simply click on the storylines that you have not.

They will lead you to the end quests that are required for the achievement, and with a little bit of investigation, you should be able to complete the achievement!

Did you do all sidequests too? Jandvik’s Jar sidequests counts for the achievement too.

  1. Go to the underwater cave.
    /way Suramar 76.6, 56.0 cave entrance
  2. Speak with Toryl
  3. Fight with Tidemistress
  4. Open the cage

Here is Jandvik’s Last Hope video:

(Guinn is my alt, was posting with her. But same person.)

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