<Goon Squad> LFM Heals and DPS


Goon Squad was formed back in August 2012, formerly known as Ex Oblivione, and recently transfered from Aggramar to Ragnaros due to the population declining to the point of expanding our community became an impossible task.

We will mainly focus on growing our social side of the guild, recruiting members who are interested in a guild that stays around, doesn’t disband when things don’t go their way or swap leaders around.

This might all sound hypocritical seeing we transfered ourselves but I’m sure people will see how many of our old members followed us to see that this move was well thought of and discussed for many many weeks.

That’s enough history for now, time for a new start.

We will also be reworking our raiding roster, our goals is to clear curve as we did these many years before and pick as much mythic progress without straining our members and have them burn out or flat out quit the game.

Raid days: Wednesday and Sunday 2030 - 2300

Currently looking to add more Tanks, Healers and DPS to our main raiding roster, also accepting people with a Tank offspec. We’re more interested in getting to know you than what your item lvl or raid experience is so don’t be shy to give us a call.

To get in touch, feel free to add me on bnet @ Rory#2544 for a quick chat. Link to our Discord will also be posted here at a later time.


If you rather not get in contact with us through battlenet then you can now check us out on Discord or use our application form.



Still looking for some lovely Druid, Priest and Shammy healers and an exotic variety of DPS for our main raiding roster.

Also looking for more Ranged DPS for our RBG squad.

And of course any chill socials are always welcome into the family.

Get in touch ingame or leave us a message on Discord for a quick chat.


Last bump of 2018 and also quick update that we are now also accepting a couple more tanks to get some variety going.

Check this post on how to get in touch with us.

Have a great new year and all that nonsense :kissing:


We are still looking to fill in our remaining spots for our progression squad, currently interested in a DK tank, Druid/Paladin/Shaman/Priest healers and a variety DPS (currenly all warrior spots have been filled).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us ingame, through bnet @ Rory#2544 or Discord if there’s any questions you might have or for a quick chat what we all about and our raid plans.



Hi there, may I ask what your current progression is in Uldir? I transferred off Rag and faction changed to get into a more social and relaxed Curve guild. Last guild before that died due to Mythic progression.

What are you goals for 8.1 etc and what are the raids like now?



With BoD getting closer to release, we are still looking to fill in some spots for our main raiding roster.

Currently very interested in the following classes:

  • Blood Death Knight (with DPS offspec)
  • Balance/Resto Druid
  • Mage
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Holy/Prot Paladin
  • Shadow Priest
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Warlock

These are currently the only classes/specs we have room for, we do have a very large roster where swapping on bosses might be needed so looking for players who put the team ahead of themselves.

We’re also still recruiting more Healers and Ranged DPS for our rated battleground team.

There’s always more room for casual/social players, we do a weekly social raid so we can just chill, have some fun and get to know each other on Discord.

Read up on how to get in touch with us and look forward to speak to you soon.


Updated our needs, currently interested in 1 Prot Pala (with DPS offspec), Resto Druid/Holy Pala and Ranged DPS (Balance Druid/Mage/Warlock/SPriest/Ele Shammy).

These are our priority classes we’d love to add to our progression roster, if your class isn’t mentioned then feel free to contact us anyways and we’ll have a chat whether we can fit you in.



Bumps for updated raiding spots:

  • Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
  • Unholy/Frost DK
  • Balance Druid
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Havoc Demon Hunter
  • Windwalker Monk
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Resto Shaman (with Elemental offspec)
  • Resto Druid (with Balance offspec)
  • Holy Priest (with Shadow offspec)


Some fast updates about the guild and our more raiding focused goals at this moment:

When we transfered here in December 2018, we first worked day and night to set up our community while everyone transfered from our old server (Aggramar/Hellscream), where we all started back in 2012.

In just two months we expanded that community in a guild that’s currently 250 members strong, with 20-30 people active during the day and night. We also grown our Discord server with now more than 130 members, where our goons chat every day, play other games and have gotten to know each other these last two months.

While we still work on expanding, we have now shifted our attention on getting our raiding goals in order: to build a strong team of different classes where each person is willing to step in and out for the benefit of the team, able to take criticism, try their best, learn fast and most importantly fit into our squad of goons.

As we go into our third week of heroic progression, we feel it’s time to speed up filling in the last spots of our core raiding team. Even though we feel our progression could be better, we also gave a LOT of new players a chance to show what they can do and focussed more on their own progression than the guild’s.

As we finish the last steps in heroic before heading into mythic, we are looking for more raiders interested in a new home for the next couple of years. Players with a good knowledge of their class, fast learners but also fit in our darkhumoured, politically incorrect group of degenerates.

Even though we goof around a lot in guild chat and even more on Discord, we do take our raiding serious. As we only raid 5 hours each week, we want to make the most of the limited time we have to push as far as we can.

We don’t expect 100% attendance (due to our fairly large raiding roster) but we do expect a head’s up when not available and to be prepared for when you are.

Enough talking, here’s currently what we would love to add to our core team for future mythic progression and upcoming new raid tiers:


  • Resto Shaman (with Elemental offspec)
  • Discipline/Holy Priest (with Shadow offspec)
  • Holy Paladin

Melee DPS:

  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Survival Hunter
  • Arms/Fury Warrior

Ranged DPS:

  • Balance Druid
  • Mage
  • BM/MM Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock
  • Elemental Shaman

Raid times: Wednesday/Sunday 20:30 - 23:00
(Social/Alt run: Friday 20:30 - 23:00)

Current progression: 9/9N, 9/9HC, 3/9M

Contact Info:
Bnet: Rory#2544
Discord: https://discord.gg/HyEMSZM
Application Form: https://goo.gl/forms/sCLzjocbRLugI4CF2


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