Gorgrond is still unplayable

Is anything gonna be done about this? People have been reporting unplayable lag here since October if not earlier, 3 months later it’s still godawful throughout the day, be it morning or the middle of the night. It’s pretty embarrassing not having a fix or even a comment on the topic for months.

If it’s bots ban them, if Gorgrond has its specific servers that have some other problems then just say that, or anything for that matter.

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You can thank the army of bots for that, apparently it’s okay because they pay for all the accounts so player inconvenience doesnt matter to them

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Yep, blizzard could not care less all they care about is taking your money and not delivering a working product. The game is finished.


How many of them are there that they can crash the entire zone for months at a time? Also didn’t they start banning multiboxing recently or something? Don’t know how player count per zone works but don’t they shard people when there’s enough there to cause the entire zone to lag?

Most multiboxers that are botting have like 20+ balance druids casting spells at the same time and moving so it actually creates lag for the whole zone, especially considering there’s several of them… and no they’re not banning multiboxers

Awesome, fantastic customer experience for a sub paying game. I’m still guessing older zones have less server space dedicated to them than SL zones or something since unless there are literally thousands of them in Gorgrond at any one point. SL zones have a lot of players at all times but almost no lag unless there’s a WB in the area, which is still awful and shouldn’t be happening but here we are.

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I’ve leveled some alts recently and yeah, Gorgrond for a fast questing route is just a no-go. Even at 3-4am there is almost constant delay of 5-10s.

Not even power leveling I’d easily swap zones if that’s the case, just wanted to level an alt fully through Draenor following horde’s story closely but nope. Not gonna happen any time soon.

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