Got beta/stress test (You cant play yet)


whats going on, do i have an invite to play or not because i cant actually log in to the servers… anyone else having this issue? :disappointed_relieved:


no blue post as usual, i can’t play either.

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Supposedly it’s a bug but you can’t just login to stress test servers right away anyway, it’s not the beta.



It’s basically leftovers from the last stress test. See for yourself:

  1. Select the Stress test
  2. Press options
  3. Press uninstall

It will remove the game from your launcher = IF YOU HAD proper access it wouldn’t be removed from your launcher.

You don’t have access to AV beta test.


Blue post answered another thread with the same topic. It’s in everyones launcher now, to make it easy to uninstall the stress test which just disappeared from the launcher earlier.

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