Great Vault not giving mythic+ rewards

Hey [edit],

Guess QA isn’t your thing so check out this story. Did 4x M+ on my alt level 7-8’s and you know was waiting for that 216/213 ilvl loot. Wednesday comes and I open that ‘great’ vault of yours:


Go hire some better developers bruhhhh… Oh wait I can’t blame you… you’re a small indie company after all. So tell me how you gonna fix this.

Hey there Sjoebert.

You’ll notice I’ve edited your post to remove both the masked and very clear examples of swearing and cursing you felt obligated to include in your message. When you’re able to post again we would appreciate that your future posts are made with our Forum Code of Conduct in mind.

As for the issue you reported, I suspect either this support article about the Vault showing as empty, or this support article about the Vault not showing the right rewards for what you accomplished last week will help clear the issue up for you. If neither of those help, then please submit an in-game ticket to have a Game Master review it further for you.

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The 2nd support article that was linked actually helped me out with my issue. Thank you for that.

I’ve also have a similar issue to the above. I only have two raid finder options to choose from even though I definitely did 7 bosses on Heroic and all of Normal mode. Also I have 0 mythic plus options which I know I did at minimum 1 potentially even had the fourth option. There isn’t really a suitable in-game selection for submitting a ticket. I ended up using the Loot option then selecting Not listed here.

You probably have unlooted vaults from previous week(s). Try looting the current visible and then try again until you get the most recent one.

I was going to say see Shammoz’s pinned post about this, but it’s vanished.

Turns out this was the case, didn’t even know that this was a thing. Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

It was only pinned for 2 weeks, but there is a support article for it now at least.

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