Great Vault rewards gone


I stupidly decided to transfer an alt to a different realm and faction before opening my weekly Vault and now I don’t even have any reward, they just vanished, even though I fully cleared HC Castle Nathria before the reset today.
I 100% know for sure I was eligible for rewards when I transferred.

I opened a ticket with support but they came back with an automated and unrelated response. What else can I do?

Reply to the ticket, for some bizarre reason their new standard policy is to have absolutely garbage customer service where they will always never read your ticket and direct you to wowhead, you must reply to the ticket to finally get a human to read it.

It’s stated somewhere in the wall of text they copy and paste in that useless reply they give.

m+ chest resetting on faction change/realm transfer was a bug in bfa that was hotfixed, it is very likely the same deal here for the vault.

Hey Nupidstoob,

It shouldn’t be possible to lose rewards from the Great Vault in a transfer, either preventing the service if you have generated but unclaimed rewards, or keeping your progress if you have not yet generated any rewards.

If you’re certain something is still missing, do re-open your ticket so a Game Master can help take a look at what happened.