Great Vault Rewards Update - 16 March

With scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, we intend to make the following changes to certain rewards provided by the Great Vault.

Great Vault

  • The Attendant’s Token of Merit has been updated.
    • You may now carry 12 tokens (was 3).
    • You will now receive 2 tokens if you unlocked one Great Vault segment.
    • You will now receive 4 tokens if you unlocked two Great Vault segments.
    • You will now receive 6 tokens if you unlocked three or more segments of your Great Vault.
  • Ko’tul in Oribos now offers many new items.
    • Ephemera-Infused Mesh – Add a socket to a Shadowlands Season 3 helmet, necklace, bracer, belt, or ring that does not already have a socket. Costs 6 Attendant’s Token of Merit.
    • Overflowing Chest of Riches – Rewards an average of 3,000 gold. Costs 3 Attendant’s Token of Merit.
    • Certified Vouchsafe – Increase your Renown with your current covenant by 1, up to the cap of 80. This item is bound to account. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit.
    • Bottled Night Sky – Rewards 25 Genesis Motes, used for Protoform Synthesis. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit.
    • Treatise on Patterns in the Purpose – Rewards 40 Cyphers of the First Ones. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit.
    • Tribute to the Enlightened – Rewards 150 Reputation with the Enlightened. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit.
  • Developers’ notes: These changes are aimed at improving the feeling of opening your Great Vault even on weeks when, for whatever reason, you don’t see a direct upgrade in the other items you can choose among. We’ve also heard feedback that, as a consolation prize, Attendant’s Tokens of Merit haven’t really felt rewarding enough to erase that frustration. Now in Season 3, we’re making the number of Tokens scale with the number of Vault slots you unlocked, up to a maximum of 6 Tokens per week (from 3 or more unlocked Vault slots). Furthermore, we’re adding additional options to the vendor, including an item that will add a socket to any eligible piece of Season 3 gear.

Combined with the power of the Creation Catalyst coming in future weeks, we hope that these changes will ensure that every week’s Great Vault feels like it’s helping you make progress toward your goals.


That socket change will put alts that haven’t been played at the same time, and people returning to the game, even further behind from the so-called “mains”.


i partially agree but do sockets really make such a huge difference for the average player? i kind of doubt it.


Thats good, but don’t put too much on that chest. I would rather have this type of reward on the Sunday let’s say. So there will be incentive to login. Right now you can pretty much do 8 keys and go chill until wendesday

I am hoping that I never get to the point where I need to rely on these tokens. I haven’t in previous seasons, so why should I now?

Hoping you’re not planning a long season Blizz.

5 sockets? Yeah, they can make an impact. Quite a big one.

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this is good, it allows me to get sockets from content i already am doing and pref to do.

A good change there, credit where credit is due.


oh i hope its gonna last a good while. its gonna take a while to get tier set bonus unless ur super lucky…

Looking forward to play with full tier set and double legendary… i just need to get it first ><

tier set won’t take long to get once the Creation Catalyst is out.

I think its reasonable to expect the season last as long as 9.1 did, since it’s the closing season of the expansion.

I’m Just hoping that Blizz aren’t planning for it to last any longer than that.

Not exactly. The tokens have been something you can choose if you don’t want something from the items you can choose between in the vault that week.
And this part implies it’ll stay that way:

Meaning you won’t get those tokens automatically from unlocking the great vault. They’re only the consolation prize for when you don’t want to pick an item from the choices in the vault that week.

So you’ll have to spend 5 weeks unlocking 3 vault slots each of those weeks, without getting any gear from the vault those weeks. Assuming you want those 5 socket slots, that is.

oh but knowing how vault works, by week 5 of vault, u will start picking sockets, and btw i do ofc rather have a decent upgrade over socket anyway!. and if there is a way for me to not do rep grinds i take that path easy!.

Good for you, but that isn’t the case for everyone.

i mean, i would only socket max lvl/bis items anyways, if u want to socket poop items for the sake of it, suit urself. what i meant by week 5 is that is the golden number of when u start getting only duplicates in vault.

It is absolutely bad design ever. What kind of joke is it? What about to buy socket with cosmic flux? You really cant do like this and you are doing in the wrong way.

I remember a time when gear had multiple sockets without any kind of RNG chance or item to create one, that needs to return instead with the multiple colour sockets and bonuses that benefitted from matching them.

its a good way, and no farming of boring currency needed. if you miss farming boring stuff, u can farm gold for me, im happy to give you purpose in your life.

All these changes are good, but once again coming so late in the expansion.
People been asking for sickets since the begining and once again Actiblizzard do it at the end of the expansion.
Little disapointed.

I’m not sure that 150 reputation token is enough to beat any of the other options, especially the sockets. It should give 300 reputation instead.

take your vault and do something with it I don’t want to call out in forums

I hope it’s not the only way we get sockets.