Green Ruins?


Sorry for the awful title but, can anyone explain what those green ruins are in Badlands or Thousand needles? I always thought they were troll ruins, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just another variant of elven ruins.


I don’t think elven or troll presence in those territories was very common even in the past so probably green ruins are of Dwarven/Earthen origin and more in general, Titanic origin. You can get this from the style of the ruins rather than from their colour though


That was old art style for Titan architecture before Blizzard decided to go with gold, grey and flashy lights. You can see it even better in Badlands.

(Zakkaru) #4

Yes, but the road to Uldum looked different - as the walls were painted with red, and the urns that reminded the greek amphora. I found it odd that Titans used Serpent ornaments which was what trolls usually used, giganting Serpent sculptures were present in Jintha’Alor for example.


well trolls are pretty much the oldest race on azeroth, not counting elementals and old god minions. Each region seems to have different architecture design. Uldum might be inspired by local troll culture, just like uldir. While ulduar seems more like a factory and laboratory

(Sanara) #6

If you enter Uldaman, the green ruins are 60% of that place. So yeah, it’s just the way Classic depicted Titan ruins.

(Kotur) #7

Speaking of ruins, did we ever find out which race the ruins in Bael’modan belonged to and what was sealed inside that cave?