Grimrail Depot Bombardiers

So I was doing an +22 key earlier today(pala tank) and those 2 mobs u have to tank upstairs after 1st boss put stacking debuff on me, which for SOME REASON cannot be reset, even with bubble(really?). There’s no good way I thought of to reset it apart of sacrificing elemental since these mobs can’t be cc’d as well and can run away because they start shooting at everyone. Very fast I’m getting 10+ stacks which just OS me. How exactly am I supposed to deal with that mechanic? :confused:

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Yeah, they are nasty. I too was surprised to notice BoP/bubble had no effect.

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Bumping this just to get some tips. Do you need healer to pump 40k hps ? Or BL those two mobs just to not die ?

Puling them one by one feel stupid to me.

It really does not feels intended, as resetting debuff stacks with BOP/Bubble is part of paladin kit. There’s no other way for us to deal with stacking Hemorrhaging Wounds, as kiting or nuking down the pack fast enough is not an option. We also cannot keep tanking it for prolonged period of time for our low hp pool compared to dk or something… Even if healer does 40k hps, he cannot heal OS. @Blizzard fix please.

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I saw footage from a very high key where they did exactly this, and the tank still used an immunity for each orc. I’m guessing if you immune the swing you prevent the debuff application, and with just one mob you can safely taunt-immune it.

Killing them one by one was exactly as slow as you imagine.

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