Grimrail depot Fortified

In the 1st part of the train the mobs need more nerfing.
Fire in a line + fire on the ground + fire debuff + infiltrator + close space + Fortified + Sanguine is really bad.
Yesterday I did a level 18 and everything before and after this part is perfectly fine. But the 1st part of the train on is really bad.

It is one thing if all dungeons’s difficulty is the same. But that is not the case. GD needs a lot more tunning.

Joke dungeon. People already time +27 in that dung.

lower kara joke too, people already timed +26 and well on pace for 27s

Oh, ya? Karazhan this week
“You guys know this week’s boss?”
Dies insta on the opera main mechanic.


I’m not sure if I want some heavy investments towards this season. It’s unbalanced but I want the devs to concentrate on dragonflight. Shadowlands is over…finally

I don’t even ask. I by default expect the morons to say yes(which as you said means no) so i just explain before the key is even started.

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Yeep, i gave up at one point and explained/expected them to die :smiley:

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