Grimtotem Spirit Guide


Planning on rolling a hunter, does anyone know if the grimtotem spirit guide (aka ghost wolf) will be tameable in Classic, as it was in vanilla?


" The Grimtotem Spirit Wolf, previously known as Grimtotem Spirit Guide , is a mob which was introduced in patch 2.3"

from what I found on google, no - it wasnt introduced until after TBC launched (someone please correct me if im wrong)


The Spirit WOLF was introduced in TBC, The Spirit GUIDE (Same model) im pretty sure was already in Vanilla. You needed to team up with other players to tame the beast as it would despawn in less than 10 secs so you needed casting speed buffs. They later removed the ability for hunters to tame the pet as they thought the undead look didnt match the hunter aestetics(cant spell that lol).

Im just curious if the classic version will allow hunters yet again to tame this unintended tameable pet :slight_smile:

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