Group Loot - I would like to Request to get Personal Loot back

When Blizzard decided to enforce Group Loot in Raids I was carefully Optimistic that they just want people to actually Test it out and see how it works out, before just Denying it and giving us back the Option to use whatever Lootmode we like.

While GroupLoot is definetly usable on Guild/Community Groups where you regulary play with the same players. It is abyssmal for LFR and frustrating and just unfun for Pugs/Random raids.

I dont really care for “Not Getting Item X/Y for weeks”. Personally, as long as it feels even somewhat fair, I dont mind not getting loot. That means, in a Guild/Community group, eventually everybody will get stuff. And with a somewhat decent Playerbase it wouldnt be that bad in Pugs/LFR, but the reality is, people are not decent.

The main Difference between Group Loot and Personal Loot is the Decisions a player can make.
With Group Loot you get the Decision to Roll on an Item, the problem is, people roll need on everything they can, without any regard for the rest of the Raid. They activly get to choose if they want to be Greedy, Selfish and/or be a Dick.
With Personal Loot, you get an Item, and can make the Decision to give it away, and be Nice, or to just keep it.
Now you could argue that keeping an Item that you got and dont need is kinda Selfish and Greedy, but at least they didnt activly choose: “Hey, I dont need it, but I want it anyway”.

Two Examples that Annoyed me to the Core, and kinda killed my drive to continue:
First one, Eranog Normal, a SINGLE Hunter won the roll on 4 Items. One of which he already has a Heroic Item on that slot. On the next boss, he stuffed away his Heroic Helmet (To look more Sincere or less greedy?), and wanted to trade the one item another Hunter got for the Helmet he got from the first boss. And Obviously he never passed on any Item he could roll need on, because why should all people in the Raid get items?

On the other one Single person won two SetPieces on Endboss earlier today, its really not fun when the game Dangles the Items in front of you, and one Person sweeps them all up.
With personal Loot, with 20 People at least 4 different People get an Item on a Boss, and not 1.

It already at the point, where I actually feel like an Idiot when I pass on Minor Upgrades because I already got something, or pass because I know someone has less gear. Because obviously beeing nice is the Idiotic thing to do.

Therefor, I´d like the ability to Choose the Loot Type.
Have Premades/Guilds/Communities use GroupLoot, Masterlooter or Loot council whatever they like, and give the rest the ability to just use Personal Loot so people dont need to watch how Pricks activly decide to take stuff that they dont need.

Also Last Season, I accidentally Rolled on a Neck and won while thinking it was a ring, and then went through the list of Rolls to give it to the Next Highest, and the next 5 Highest rolls had Max Itemlevel Crafted Necks, way better than the measly Normal Neck I had won.

for pug yes persenol loot for guild do master loot or somting

I agree Personal loot back under Mythic raids And no further Greed and need experiments pls. Still i think personal loot shut return all lvs dungeon/raid diffculty i know there talk is Talk abuot need and greed in M+ aswel atleast atampts to get it there PLs dont do it

So, just like personal loot, where the need roll was in the background, and then you get to decide if you want to be greedy.

No, the difference is, you dont roll need.

On Personal Loot the system rolled which Players Receive an Item. The player doesnt decide he needs that Item over someone else, he just gets something Awarded.

He can be nice and give it away.

On Group Loot, there are several Items on Display, and each Player can decide:
“I Want that”, the Greedy thing is to Decide to want Items they dont need over others.

While. you might be able to Argue: “Yeh, but if they dont give the Item the system just Awards them, they are Greedy”. In the end of the day, they cannot influence if they get an Item, apparently (I never even Imagined that) people even roll need to Sell the Items to the People. (Which I hope is Against the either the ToS or Community Thingy we needed to Agree).

Even IF you argue that they are Greedy when they decide or dont care about giving away the item they get. You will still have a more Fair Loot Distribution that way. As on a 25 Player Raid, 5 People will get an Item, and not 2 or 3.

I mean how is it fair when someone walks away with 4 of the 5 Items a Boss Drops, that he doesnt even need? While other people with Blues and Greens get nothing?

If it were Personal Loot, he might´ve gotten one Item he didnt need, and didnt Trade away, but the other 3 Items would´ve gone to someone else.

Though, I wonder why Blizzard and some Parts of the Community are so against the Option to Choose the LootSystem, I say give me the Ability to use PErsonal Loot, and whoever wants it Grouploot or Masterloot.

I mean, i´m not entirely against GroupLoot, there are ways to combat the downsides.
As I said, in a Community that actually cares about each other, it would be fine, but with how the Community stands, there need to be Additional Rules to Prevent “Everything is supposed to be Mine”.
First of all, have the Omni Tokens Respect the same "You cant roll Need on Token if you already have TierSet, there is no reason anyone should be allowed to roll on Omni Tokens if you already have 5 SetPieces of Equal of Greater Quality.

And furthermore one could Implement additional Loot Rules:

  • Enforce OffSpec Rolls for all Items that are lower Ilvl than what you have.
    That would Suck for alot of People, but should eliminate pretty well people who need on stuff they dont need or intend to actually use… You dont really need a Versatility Cloak? Well, then you shouldnt need it if you want the one with Mastery, because if you take that Versa Cloak you will need to win Offspec roll for the Mastery one.


  • Make Priority Rolls, back in the MasterLoot Days, we gave Priority to People who didnt yet Receive an Item. Simple as that:
    If you Need an Item and win it, your rolls will have Lower Priority than people who didnt win an Item yet, If you win two Items, your rolls will have Lower Priority than people who won 1 Item.
    This wont get rid of People who just need on anything, but they can only get one or two items, and overall the Items would be spread around the Raid much better.

And whoever thinks they deserve 2 Items over someone else who hase gotten none, is Greedy, and the reason why we need this.

So in essence everyone rolled need in the background and the game made a decision who to give an item.

Where group loot, people make a conscious decision to roll need, and the game makes a decision who gets the item…

Truly a magnificient difference it makes.

There is a massive difference between, a Player directly deciding to needroll on Items that they dont need, and the game just distributing loot without this consideration, but you apparently dont get it, because for one you even gloss over the massive Difference of at most one Item per player. You are probably one of the Players who would be affected who rolls Need on everything, thats why wont bother arguing with you.

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Nope i dont, which is why i get less overall loot with this system, but when i do get something its always useful.

Meh, it averages out… why shouldn’t little jimmy be able to be lucky and get both items he needs from X boss.

There really isn’t… the same douche who wont trade you the item he doesnt need with personal loot. Now just presses need and still wont let you have the item…

Btw, nice attempt with the “If you don’t agree with me, you must be one of the people needing on everything”

Doubt it.

Its the only Conclusion, you appear to have an Interest in the Topic, you claim to think of “Need on Everything” People beeing Douches, yet you dont seem to care about the Issue enough to even remotely think about how to improve the situation. That leaves the Conclusion:
You dont want it to Change, and want it to stay the exact same.

I mean, if I would benefit from the GroupLoot and Pocket every Scrap I can get, I would argue the same way as you: “Meh, its the same, doesnt matter or need Changing”.

Sadly, if it appears if its like Silversmite says, Blizzard doesnt care, and doubles down on the GroupLoot.

Nice, so you’re gonna double down on the “Agree with me, or you abuse the system”

Changing to personal loot wouldn’t change anything, so by that logic you’re also one of the abusers?

Actually think of a way to improve the system, and I’d be more than happy to talk about it

Yea no point in having group loot for pugs other than being super frustrating. As i understand it the whole point for group loot is to be able to have full autonomy over which player gets what. And you are not just basing that decision on if its an upgrade for them but on other factors such as how good their tier set/spec is currently , maybe your guild lives in the past and has GDKP.

In pugs however its just a free for all needfest with no coordination so just bring back personal loot.

I d hate if personal loot comes back. I much prefer rolling on stuff I actually need, than getting some random piece of gear dropped into my bags

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The odds of getting items you actually need are going to go up not down since personal loot eliminates the possibility of people rolling need on stuff they dont actually need.

The time walking raids are with personal loot. There all my chars always get 1-2 items per run. That’s not the case with the group loot though- most of the weeks I run through the raid with 5 chars and not a single piece of loot at the end. Actually with the group loot the only guaranteed loot is the weekly vault.
Quite often one or two people are getting all the loot from a boss with the rest being off-spec rolls. How is it even possible that one person roll 2x100 and 97 ?! And that’s not an exception. With personal loot you would get only one loot if you win the “internal” roll while with group loot 1-2 people win all. There should be a restriction of 1 item per boss for group loot - if you won something you are excluded from other rolls on same boss similar like with tie rolls.
With personal loot you can select you loot spec safely while with group loot it is very likely to be kicked if you need on offspec items (although they may be your preferred spec).

The group loot creates extremely toxic atmosphere and behavior especially for the rare and the most powerful items (trinkets, weapons). Once I rolled 100 on my BIS trinket and got whispered by few people that I don’t/should not need on that. The RL asked me to give him the trinket or he will kick me from the raid. I refused and got insta kicked leaving me very frustrated and I left the game for few days.

Personal loot is just an inferior form of group loot. Instead of giving players the option to roll if they want to, it forces every eligible character to roll need even if the player doesn’t want the item.