Gryphons and (8.2) mount rant


they cost now 90k .

do you know why ? because you people like to pretend - in this case pretend that they are not shop mounts - when in reality 99% of people will buy them via tokens.

if you wouldnt be so dead set against in game shop they would land in there and you wouldnt have to complain why old models cost 90k gold.

same was with frogs - if they were put for 40 euro in shop you wouldnt have 300k mounts in game .


gotta pump those token sales :slight_smile:

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Do you really think people will use (even indirectly) real money to buy 7-year old recolors?


I was planning to buy one with my gold, but with the increase of the price, it feels like it is not worth it.


U will be amazed what people buy with gold .


They gotta double it now and then they “lower” it back to 50k and people are like “omg thank you for listening bliz you the best!” :rofl:


When I think about it … I’d actually react in this way :smiley:

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Horde developers cater to their favourite faction


It’s not just the Alliance that gets shafted. The Horde’s Pterrordaxes also cost 90K - but, well, they’re at least reskins of the mounts from current expansion, not diffferently painted HD versions of a super old Gryphon.

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Agreed does the 2 million gold spider mount ring a bell? Or the 300K gold frog mounts?

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Yeah but those are cool at least


these ones should be 10k max. if you want players to part with their gold you better come up with way better options than that(and you have).

also i think it was a missed opportunity to not give alliance players the bee mount in a similar fashion to that grounded pterrodax horde get.
i mean that bee farm place(forgot the name) in stormsong would’ve been perfect for it.

the horses and gryphons all fit i get it and they should be there.
but since you already gave horde several different versions i don’t think they’d complain too much if alliance got one fun special mount.

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As stupid as it is, it might actually happen

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That’s how people get easily tricked in RL aswell, well 2 ways:

-Put price extremely high > outrage > lower price to sligthly below extremely high
-Put high price with aim to increase it even higher > increase it by this case 80% > lower price between the two prices > most will not say anything.

Sadly I’m not one of those people. I’m boycotting entire companies (EA was the first and Konami 2nd, not naming my entire blacklist) out of principle and I will boycot any vendor mount being unjustly priced aswell. If the 5m mount isn’t worth it to (mobile AH) then certainly not a 90k reskinned mount. Aside going back to old cellphone provider because of better coverage (and same price) would be smart right? Well they burned me so hard (payed for worthless 3G*). Never saw an excuse that I had payed for nothing) I can’t get myself to go back since I get reminded of this every time I see the store! Despite that they cleared their reputation. It’s just how I’m, very loyal but don’t burn me. I will remember that for life. Unless you apologize to me I clear things up and start fresh, I’m not chasing after you.

*coverage despite that my town of 72k+ people was covered, people couldn’t even understand me unless I was in the garden alot of times (it’s how I got to mainly using text, whatsapp and e-mail with a phone instead of calling) and I was by far not the only person with said problem. Not nice to be able to say “Just don’t bother calling me if I’m at home (I had perfect coverage in the city where I only went to go to school), stupid 2 year contract.”


I am pretty similar on this aspect. Fool me once and so on… I posted my comment as halfly a joke but i am not blind that Blizzard has pulled similar tricks before with other things.

And not going to pay that much for those mounts btw , alltough i have to say i am not very interested them either. If they would be cheaper would buy them to fatten my collection but probably would never use them. :smiley:

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20k is my limit and 15K I’m oke with (they fly so 5K extra than the horses, yup still salty!).


If people take a 20€ token to buy a worse than average reskin mount then they are either filthy rich or have serious issues.

72k gold (90 -20% because exalted is requiered) may take a while to farm but it isn’t mandatory and you’re free to farm it howether and whenever you want.

Is it worth to spend 7h to farm 72k gold ? Nope but neither are those mounts.

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They may still be doing that. As far as I know the location of that mount is unknown. Either way I started leveling my Alliance character in preparation ^^

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