Guild Fusion Core 8/8 HC 3/8 M Recruiting!


Welcome to

We Will Consider All Aplications.

Curently Recruiting For Our Core:

-1 Tank

-1 Heal

-2 DPS

We do accept socials/newcomers and ofc mythic + players.

Our main goal and idea is to make Community like Guild that will be focused on raiding Heroic/Mythic and doing HIGH m+ keys.

-We sell Normal/Heroic/Achivement Runs/Etc and GOLD is always shared EQUALLY in run between CORE GUILD members.

-We will also sell M+ keys 10-20 .

-IDEA behind this is to make a Community like Guild.If you are looking for a Guild to call a home,you came to the right place.

-We want everyone in Guild to make alot of gold and to start playing this game for free,to be completly independent ,whitout paying real money to play the game.

-This is not just a Guild,but also a family!

Fusion Core is not looking for best in slot geared characters specifically, we will not turn you away if you have good logs from previous tiers, a good guild history and the right motivation for the kind of progression we like to push. We are looking for dedicated players, who can adapt quickly, always strive to improve and can work in and actively contribute to a Mythic end-game raiding team. A trialist is judged on whether they are an asset to the guild, fit in well, and strive to improve showing that they know how to play not only their class but know how to play in a PvE environment in general.

Raid Times Are Always 20:00-22:30 CET

Wednesday-Mandatory For Core Raiders

Sunday-Mandatory For Core Raiders

Monday Alt/Trial Run-Non mandatory (mandatory for Trials )

Tuesday Boost Day (Normal or Heroic) non mandatory

What we expect from you!

  • Solid knowledge of English language
  • Ideally 90% attendance
  • If you have an alt alongside your main that can be used to fill that required spot in the composition would be nice, though not necessary.
  • Minimum DC/Internet connection issues as possible.
  • Handle mechanics properly even during farm.<< Join our discord if u are interested.

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