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I’m Watt, Tinker of Gnomergan and champion of Ironforge. If you like me have incredible ammounts of passion for this game and want to experience the adventures you’ve heard in tales from your friends and family but still have a real life by the side you’ve found the place.

The gchat will be very rp, no real life talk. Frankly I don’t even know where you come from irl I’d rather you say where your character comes from it’s more fun like that and it makes your character more alive and vibrant.

If you’re an meanboi I’ll bann you with the ragnaros own hammer, You have to keep in mind that some of the people playing world of warcraft are children and teenagers so no talking about alcohol or drugs. Unless ofcourse you’ve got an ale in game, I still frown upon it.

If you’ve made it this far you’ve probably figured this guild is not like any of the others and you’re absolutely correct! I have a simply philosophy that which I state that World of warcraft is the ultimate fantasy so why not make the best of it? It’s what we decide to make of it.

Raiding will be part of the activity I’d organize I think I’d be very jolly to down Ragnaros altough raiding can be very tiring and bland/boring. Noone should sit down for 3 hours at the time its unhealthy and boring and unnatrual. It’s also alot to ask of a person behind another computer for 3 hours of their time, you know what the goblins say. TIme is money and that’s why I’m planning 1 hour raiding sessions spread out throuhgt the week.

I don’t count anyone to have reached lvl 60 until december and even that is far out, you’re not pushed to level to a certain level or anything just level togheter and have fun and enjoy the moment its not the destination its all about the adventure there.

Also I’m thinking that we should rp with eachother when questing and frollic around in the zones togheter its good fun and increases the immersion. I will certainly.

Also once we have all the gear we need from the raids and such we are going to be the last thing the horde thinks of before going to sleep and first thing they think of when going online in the morning. I’ll stack all of you up with my bombs and gadjets for non enginners. And I hope that we can get other proffesions mixed in aswell.

With that I wanna say this guild is for anyone old or young just follow the rp ruleset.

Best Regards
/// Watt


Yeah, good luck with that mate, I’m sure your guild will be all you dream about it being. A friendly, non-toxic heaven you deserve :grin:


Hello Matt.

I am Ayelin. I really like your vision. The study of the divine takes too much time for me to adventure a lot. When I do though, I prefer to do it with like-minded people. However, I wonder how many people will be atracted to this idea and if it will be enough. Let me know how is your guild doing, would you?

Thank you and enjoy yourself.

Greetings Ayelin!

I’m afraid that we’re not doing very well, finding rpers is harder than I thought we’re currently only 3 players altough we are very merry and joyful. I was actully planning on ending the guild in lack of more members to do dungeons all the other sorts of things you’d like to do within a guild.

If you’re still interested and want to do some of the legwork of helping to run this guild I might see over a thing or two.

Best regards Watt.

Hello Watt!

I keep noticing that your idea is alive and doing well in our world. The issue appears to be that there is multiple like-minded but small groups creating their own guilds. This shatters the population into small pieces.

I think there is great potential and demand for a guild that is in no rush, preaching to its members the importance of enjoying every moment of a journey and never forcing them to hastily reach the end. But I fear if these communities do not work together then the dream on its own might not be enough.

I suggest to look for other like minded people and guilds and see if there is opportunity to join forces.

What do you think?


We have a similar concept going on with The Brown Fox. Guild chat is all RP, we intend to play the game and RP as one coherent experience. It’s very difficult to grow the guild. Just the other day we recruited a new member. Although I had had an RP session with that person within the same day, the next I logged on to be told that they had left us already. 1 day is for how long they stayed before they called it quits. How are we to grow as a community this way? I like what Ayelin here is saying. Perhaps we should make it a reality?

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Hello Zodd.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do it?

Greetings, Watt here. It seems like I’ve been absent for quite some time now but the machine that brings my essence into this world had been sabotaged by a brutish perpetrator built like an orc but a mind like an ogre. Anyhow I’m glad to see that you two had similar aspirations and I wonder do you still play?

Alcohol and drugs are a part of the ingame lore, however, each to their own and I wish you the very best in your quest to create the guild you envision by staring deep into the flame of the campfire.

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Dear Watt, i can’t tell how happy I was to read this topic and see more like-minded people that are unfortunatelly so rare!

First, please don’t be destracted and frustrated by some sarcastic comments above. Just don’t pay attention, even be those comments left by ‘veteran roleplayers’ or game masters themselves, - one thing I had to learn while playing this game. You DO have the right to enjoy this game your way, and there ARE like-minded players who enjoy it same way as you described.

Second, what you describe sounds exactly what I and my in-game friends do. We play wow the way it seems to be supposed to be played on an rp-server - we roleplay everything, making our characters alive, enjoying quests and dungeons (roleplaying them all) as a part of one big adventure in a big fantasy world. When we log in, we turn our real life off and dive into the game completely, never going out of character, never spoiling the magic with ‘real life’ talking. Full immersion as it is!

Personally I am playing wow for the first time in my life, and even though I have been playing it for almost a year - none of my chars have yet reached level 60. And that is fine. I started playing it this way (roleplaying everything) from the very first second, and never rushed. I take my time and enjoy the every moment of the game, because everything happens ‘for true’ and it feels like you are reading a book or being a cartoon character. I was surprised to know that NOT everybody is playing wow this way, and I still wonder - why, why are they stealing this pleasure from themselves?! But fortunatelly, there are plenty players who DO play for immersion, DO follow the rp ruleset, DO make our server feel ‘alive’.

However, to find such players is always a trouble and cost lots of efforts (though it’s always worth it), and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, and most likely that’s the reason why you wanted to build such a guild in the first place.

From my experience, I would recommend NOT to look within the so called ‘tight inner circle of roleplayers’ - those who use trp addon and play some DnD-like games inside wow, not wow itself. Most of them (again, from my experience) give no damn to that ‘immersion’ - they would stay ooc most of time and spoil their chats with irl talks. When I pick players to roleplay with, I hardly pay attention if they even use trp, I rather look at their nicknames. It tells a lot about player’s type of thinking - if they created a char with a nickname or a ‘real’ name. (to clarify - “IamJohn” and “JohnDoe” are both nicknames, but “John” is a name) I more often find ‘true roleplaying’ players, who follow the type of gameplay that you and me are following, within those with no trp addon - just ‘casual’ players, who log in for having fun in a fantasy world and play for full immersion.

Now, I have been always dreaming about such a guild that you describe. I’m thinking about running such a guild myself, but have no guts to carry that responsibility so far. If I finally DO start running my guild (it technically exists already as “the Squirrels”), that will be a full-rp guild, with a fully IC gchat, mostly dedicated to PVP (open world roleplayed pvp, NOT dicerolled rp-pvp) and PVE (what others would call IC-levelling, just we call it - adventures!), and just ‘living our characters life’ for true - hanging out together, rolling any storylines mixed with the ingame quests, helping each other with professions etc, all IC and all in-lore. And basically, that’s exactly what we already do with many other players (all from different guilds).

Now, I would be VERY glad to interract with you and your fellows in that field. While we don’t share ALL the vision and interrests (say, I’m absolutely not interested in raids, never even saw what they look like, and I definitely have different view on the drugs\alcohol thing), I’m sure we still have enough in common. We could join our forces and work on building such guild together. Or just run separate guilds and interract, knowing that our guilds will be a constant source of players who are really fun to play with.

This way or another, if you are interested in discussing it in more details, feel free to contact me. You may contact me in-game, but please do it IC, be it a direct approach or ic-whisper\mail (I’m sure you know how to do it). Also you may find me on discord (TheMisterMike#6058) where we could talk OOC.

Anyway, I wish your guild an eventual success and lots of fun to you and all your fellows. I’m always happy to know there are more players who understand what rpg games are made for, and who have enough imagination to fully enjoy them!

(btw, Ayelin and Zodd, from your comments above I can tell, that all I say refers and to you too :wink:)

May you walk on warm sands!

Hello Watt! How’s the frolicking? Horde still thinking about your merry band before they fall asleep and after they wake up? Got all the gear you desired in your one hour raid sessions? (Who would have thought that that prediction out of all things would in fact come true? I missed a 1hour AQ 40 clear by a couple of minutes last week!)
Anyway. Glad to be mocking you a year later!