Guild recrutment

EU • Tarren Mill • Horde

Get ready to conquer Azeroth with an ice cold touch!!

Guild: <Winter’s Bone>
Realm: Tarren Mill
Faction: Horde

Are you driven, dedicated and ready to kick some dragon? Do you want to take AOTC like a champ? So do we! Winter’s Bone is looking for it’s new strong raid team for season 3, apply today!

Winter’s Bone is built on 3 priciples: Dedication, companionship and team spirit. We are a relatively new guild that’s striving to become one of the great. Our goals for season 3 are simple, take AOTC and build a strong guild roster.
Progressing is to be taken seriously but having fun is a given. Created from a deep love of raiding and progressing we are looking for our new stars going into season 3.

Our primary raid focus in s3 will be to clear Heroic and begin tackling Mythic.
Furthermore we strive to build a strong companionship and make new friends. We are a new guild but we’re made up by dedicated and experienced players. Are you prepared to beat some boss and make some friends along the way?

Raid time: Sunday’s and Monday’s 19:00(7PM) to 22:00(10PM) CEST
(this can come to change but most likely this will be it)
Primary goal: AOTC

We are looking for dedicated people who want to see an improvement in their own performance as well as the guilds progress. At this moment some of us have played for years while others are newer to the wonderful world of Azeroth. We all strive to be better, if you do too then this is the place for you. We’re searching for people who are friendly, serious but that can still have fun.

• minimum ilvl of 400

• Horde (Tarren Mill)

• Knowledge of your class/spec as well as what it takes to conquer AOTC.

• Consequent presence

• Respect for the guild and it’s members by showing up prepared and on time.

• Use of Logs and tools like WowAnalyzer to improve your performance

We require this of all our members to ensure a seriousness in the progress and a durable cooperation from everyone. If we notice that a member is struggling this also helps us to help said member improve and learn whatever it might be that they are missing.

Get ready to rumble with ice cold consequences for the bosses who dare face us!


Apply for a spot by adding our recruiter vendee3 on discord and send a message including your in-game name, class, spec. Battletag is optional but you may include it if you wish. The recruitment will be on-going so don’t hesitate to apply. When we have received your application message (sent to vendee or rammuzz#2934 on we will contact you on discord for more information and welcome you to Winter’s Bone.