Gz blizzard with this raza bow

how the hell im gonna get the bow if i get declined from every raza group(even on normal) because i play hunter? tbh i wish this bow didnt exist and be so powerfull so i wont sit on LFG all day trying to farm it…can you guys stop putting so much powerfull gear on last bosses for the love of god

Ye welcome to Group loot worst loot system ever. I knew stuff like this would happen since they annouced it. You get declined cause that 1 Hunter who makes group will have 100% chance to get that bow if it drops. Good loot system yea.

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Like most hunters you have 2 options

  1. Make your own group
  2. Do it with guild

Those groupd that don’t accept hunters ARE made by Hunters so they can get bow.

Just avoid playing dps role if you want to completely min/max. Play tank or healer instead.

yes bow must heve hunter cant go whit out it too good same go staff envoker

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