[H] 227 DK LF Sire Prog/Kill pre 9.1

I’m a 227 Unholy DK here with plenty p3 Sire mythic experience, with my best progress at 14% a few times (past 2nd ravager - can check my logs for this character i’m posting on)

I’m looking for a guild or group that’s currently progressing p3 to raid with for this and/or next week before 9.1 hits the week after that. I have a Sire Lockout that I can extend/share.

If a guild that’s in p3 progress needs a competent dps to replace one of your raiders for a reset, I’d be up for that. I can raid cross-realm, it’s not an issue for me.

If any guild wants to use the lockout to go all out next reset until CE happens, I’d also be up for that.

Add Bnet or Discord if you have a spot for me and would like me to tag along.

Bnet - Sykretts#1919
Discord - sykretts#3650