[H] 2kxp Mage Looking for long term teammates


I’ve decided to make a post as I’m tired of queueing LFG every day and I’d like to look for something more long term. I’m looking for people who genuinely love to play PvP and are aiming to improve and push towards glad / R1.

A bit about myself - I’ve been playing the game since MoP, was around 2k in MoP / early WoD, but I’ve always been more of a PvE player. I watch a lot of PvP streamers so I have a general idea about how the game is played at a high level and what to improve on. I’m a person that always strives to do my best in any game I played (was top 1% in every comp game I’ve ever played).

I know I have a long way to go but I’m aiming for high rating and I’d love to find people with a similar mindset, no matter the exp / cr. I’m willing to play any viable comp, but prefer to play RMP / Godcomp. Currently I’m at 1,6kcr.

If you feel like we could vibe together and have some good games, please don’t hesitate to hmu @ RIXIE#2796.