[H] 3/10 Mythid (raid) pug community looking for players

Hi, Iā€™m from Mythic PUG community, and we need more players to have slightly more reliable raids :slight_smile:
This is casual raiding, meaning high attendance is not required. Just come if you want/can :slight_smile: But it goes without saying, that more often you come, more stable and successful raids are.
Requirements: 235+ gear, consumables, 10/10 HC, tactics and discord

At the moment we are 3/10.

Raids are on Sat, Mon 20:30 ST. If there are not enough players from the community, we pick ~5 pugs at the moment.

If you are interested, please contact me in bnet buggy#2624 or discord Yaroslav#2664

Nice community, nice people and relaxed vibes! Would defo recommend joining them :slight_smile: